Television has too Many Advertisements

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“Television has too many advertisements during programmes” Is TV being ruined by adverts which have no relevance to the programme? Well throughout my piece of writing i am going to give my personal views and the views of others on why i think there are too many commercials now-a-days on television. When you watch a programme generally you do not want it to be interrupted by irrelevant information?

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“Television has too Many Advertisements”

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Have you ever had a glance at what is going to be on next and the show says thirty minutes, but why does it not say adverts included as you automatically think that the show will be lasting for thirty minutes. The one thing that really irritates me is that when you start to get into watching a program a spontaneous break occurs which means that there is going to be another boring commercial. In my opinion TV advertisements can often be repeated throughout a program which can make the show quite monotonous to watch at times and this can turn it into boring entertainment.

It would be a totally different matter if the commercial was relating to what the show was actually about such as a music channel advertising upcoming music events. Do you think are a waste of time when you have to pay to watch television? Television commercials can waste up to ten minutes of viewing time yet television providers still insist that shows, last the time shown on the guide when they normally can last a minimum of ten minutes.

If you have not already noticed they have already started placing commercials during sports matches which can agitating for example: during rugby, football and cricket. When an advert interrupts sports matches you can miss an important part of the match. If you have ever noticed some of the commercials are not very appropriate for younger viewers for example; young children can be easily influenced by what is on TV never mind the advertisements which can be worse than the actual programme.

So should there be a restriction for the times of certain adverts? Such as adverts for adults should be shown after nine o’clock. Certain programs and movies have advertisements every fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the length of the programme. When a movie has certain age restrictions i think so should some adverts which are advising parents that the advert their child is about to see might be about an adult subject or product for example alcohol the drink “Black Russian. Can children be so easily influenced by a five minute advertisement? Some customers can be dis-satisfied by what is on TV let alone the advertisements which can be even worse than the actual programme, which you are trying to watch. Advertisements during children’s programmes ads can sometimes be about a subject which might only appeal to adult and will be only available to adults so why should television providers show children these during their cartoon shows?

On the other hand some advertisements can be about the upcoming programme so this meaning adverts can be quite informative whilst others can be just quite cretonous to the person who wants to watch their programme which they actually pay for. I have recently asked some people if adverts where a good way of informing you about a certain topic and the majority of the people said “they could be shorter and not as frequent but more relevant to the programme. So i gave my opinion about advertisements and how they can be so irrelevant for example; if you are watching the Simpsons an advert starts about mortgages and how you can sell gold but baring in mind most of the viewers are under the age of 16 once again these topics are irrelevant to the viewers. So why do TV channels host these irritating adverts? If you asked the majority of under 11 year olds what a mortgage i would predict that most of them would struggle to give you an answer, yet according to TV hosts they think adverts should be about these matters.

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