The Great Influence of my Grandmother such as Inspire on my Decision to Pursue a Career as a Doctor

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My grandmother has greatly influenced me, and my decision to be a doctor. One of her major struggles is that she suffers from severe osteoarthritis. She has chronic pain and has difficulty walking, but she is patient and endures the condition with grace. My grandmother lives in this painful state because she was not diagnosed in time when she was living in India. Although her condition is now being managed, I and others in my family can do little more than be supportive.She has inspired me to be an avenue of relief for people like her in my community, and possibly around the world.

I have had the privilege of living in and experiencing three, contrasting cultures. I was born in India, spent a large part of my childhood in Oman, and am since 2004, have settled in Canada. This has broadened my perspective and made me aware of how different cultural beliefs can affect the way health care can be provided and received. This understanding has made me more accepting and less judgmental about the diverse people around me.

Making a difference in my community has always been important to me. In high school, I was part of the Students' Council, volunteered at St. Joseph's Hospital, and worked at the St. Thomas Elgin Paediatric Clinic. As a medical office assistant at the clinic, Iwas able to observe the doctors at close quarters. I soon noticed the importance of patience, honesty and empathy. I admired the doctors' reassuring and supportive interactions with the children and their anxious parents. Working at the paediatric clinic confirmed my goal of becoming a doctor. I cannot imagine a more meaningful way to further my education.

As a university student, I volunteered at a camp for high-school students for three summers. During my second time as counsellor, I was awarded the Counsellor Appreciation Award for Best Counsellor and outstanding leadership. In June 2014, I was promoted to the position of camp Facilitator. I helped create the camp programme, organized and led campers through the activities during camp. This experience gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader, and hone my organizational and time management skills. I was also able to work with new people, and create bonds with that will last forever.

I have also been part of the Rotaract Western's executive team for the past two years.Rotaract Western is a university club associated with Rotary International. Through Rotaract, Thelped to organize the Juvenile Diabetes Camp. This camp is held for families that have children recently diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. I was a Children's Programme Coordinator my first year, and this year I served as a Head Co-Coordinator. Through this camp, I have gained an understanding of the problems faced by these families. I am proud to have helped sustain this resource for families in need. I have also volunteered as a counsellor and a tutor for the Learning Disabilities Association. I work with elementary school children with learning disabilities and behavioural issues. Working with these families and children gives me valuable insight on the medical issues faced by people in my community, and further inspires me to pursue medicine.

I have a first hand experience of how doctors can change lives for the better.I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at a young age. I will forever be thankful to the team of doctors whoinstilled in me the importance of health during my formative years, and encouraged me to maintain it. Furthermore, I understand that being a physician is not only a profession that positively influences people's lives. It inadvertently makes you a role model for your community as well. I strive to be an exemplary one for my future patients and colleagues.

These experiences, among others, have refined my leadership, shown me the importance of teamwork, and exposed me to different people and situations that will help me be an understanding and compassionate physician.

I will be completing my Bachelors of Sciences this spring, and would be honoured if I had the opportunity to study medicine in Ireland. I will have built a firm academic foundation through my Honours Specializationdegree in Biology. This, along with my extracurricular and life experiences hasequipped me with skills that will help me excel in medical school, and eventually in the profession.

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