10daysinnepal Tourism Target in Nepal

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Nepal Tourism Board is having an ongoing campaign, 'Visit Nepal 2020' with the purpose of having 2 million tourists in 2020, and to achieve this target, #10daysinNepal, 'Nowhere like Nepal' will serve as a supporting campaign. Nepal is well-renowned as a land of mountains, however #10daysinNepal is a tourism campaign designed to show the wide range of cultural diversity, wildlife, and lakes that lie in the landscapes of Nepal. #10daysinNepal is primarily a 10 days long travel package intended for international tourists to visit Nepal in 2020.

Our brand concept is 'Reach Mother Nature, feel Nepal'’ since we want the inbound tourists to visit naturally rich places of Nepal, enjoy their biggest adventure, and feel the real Nepal. Our mission is to explore the hidden beauties of Nepal since there are a lot of breathtaking sceneries left undiscovered in Nepal. While our mission aims at exploring the landscapes in Nepal, our vision is providing a pleasant and memorable traveling experience to our tourists. Within 10 days, we want our travelers to realize that Nepal is not just meant for trekking, but also for creating lifelong memories with world's deepest lakes and, the most diverse wildlife.

SWOT analysis of our brand


  • A strong display of culture (temples, traditional architecture)
  • Nature and Wildlife explore
  • Harmony in Diversity
  • Affordable price
  • Safety guarantee
  • Nepal 2020 campaign weakly branded
  • Long hours travelling on the bus
  •  Inflexibility


  • An increasing number of Chinese tourists
  • Development of rural areas (especially facilities)
  • 2 more international airports being built by 2020
  • Natural disaster (Earthquake)
  • Political Issues
  • Culture shock

As of 9th February 2019, 1 Nepalese Rupee equals 0.0088 USD, which means a trip to Nepal is quite affordable. Moreover, our travel package assures a safe visit to all the popular destinations in Nepal without having our customers to worry about their schedule. However, we are a bit inflexible with time as participants must follow our 10 days travel plan, which makes it difficult for those who want to stay longer in a certain place. In addition, based on 2018 data, China is the top second country with a total number of 153,602 tourists who visited Nepal in 2018. According to the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), there is a rise of more than 50,000 Chinese, compared to 2017. Thus, we believe that this is an opportunity for us to expand brand Nepal’s tourism in China. Even though Nepal has become a popular destination for tourism, there is political instability and, a possibility of natural disasters in Nepal, which is highly taken into consideration while making travel plans to Nepal.

Key challenges facing Brand

The key issues faced by our brand are mostly regarding safety and friendly traveling environment. Currently, there is only one international airport in Nepal, and there are problems on accessibility for travelers. Also, there has been 27 fatal plane crashes until now, which is almost about one plane crash per year. Most of the plane crash occurred in the small domestic airports, but there was a big plane crash in the Kathmandu international airport, which only have single runway and is used for both international and domestic plane. There are many reasons why there are many planes crashes in Nepal, such as landscape, where the airport is located in the area where it is a narrow valley, and it is very difficult to turn in. Also, in Nepal, there are many high mountains which makes the flight difficult. Since they have only one runway in this airport, currently the planes have to remain long holding before landing, which is becoming a big problem. Since there are many difficulties in having only one international airport in Nepal, to have safer flight and having a better traveling environment of the plane, Nepal is now constructing two more international airports. By having two more international airports, planes will have less holdings before landing, which will ultimately prevent the accidents on runways. On the other hand, Nepal’s air quality is worst in the world, which might not give an optimistic view for visiting Nepal.

Brand Inventory

Brand architecture

Our campaign “Nowhere like Nepal” is the sub-brand of the original campaign “Visit Nepal 2020”. It will be the advance step to explore customer’s needs and wants, to try out possible branding and marketing strategies, in order to find out the most suitable ones for this market, furthermore function as a promotion campaign for the original “Visit Nepal 2020”.

Brand aesthetics

Tagline & Logo:

Our tagline is “Nowhere like Nepal” as we want to convey the message of a unique Nepal where the nature, the wildlife, and the spiritual experiences are well combined and it's worth every single penny, every single second spent in Nepal with us.

About our logo, the main color is green as it is one of the most well-recognized color as it is in the RGB chart. The three shades of green represent the diversity in Nepal’s natural beauty. The heart shape of the logo indicates the love for nature, and all the inner small hearts represent contributing factors of tourism such as service, customer care, customer experiences.

The tagline 'Nowhere like Nepal' emphasizes on the uniqueness of the tourism here. There are a lot of sightseeing sites in Nepal which cannot be found anywhere else on the earth. For instance, wildlife national parks with endangered animals such as Bengal tigers, One Horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Fox, Red Panda and the elusive Snow Leopard, and Tilicho lake - the second highest lake in the world. Moreover, Nepal is fifth among the Top 10 countries to visit in the world, and number one in Best Valued Destination in the World. Nepal boasts pristine natural beauty, sky-high Himalayas Range and endless culture and traditions spread all over the country.

Customer Insights

The main customer target of our campaign is first-time travelers regardless of whether they are families, individuals, or groups, hoping that they would come back, and ultimately promote Nepal as a destination for repetitive vacations. We are especially targetting16 to 60 years old people because of their travelling capabilities. However, children are equally welcomed to visit Nepal with their families.

Customer Profiling

Regarding nationality, we generally target all international travelers, but will probably have a deeper focus on Chinese because of their high population, their interest in travelling and the fact that they mostly travel in groups. 

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