Debate Rebuttal – in Class Critical Debate

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Complementary Therapies Have a Place in Cancer Treatment

Complementary therapies contribute significantly to the treatment of cancer in numerous respects. Based on many research works, Complementary Therapy has been proven to be cheap, risk-free, and effective supplement to usual medical treatment of cancer. It is primarily meant to complement rather than entirely cure, a concept that has been controversial to many critics of CT as they base their argumentations on it. The strengths of Complementary Therapy base themselves each in its own right on some factors as discussed in this essay. One of the key positive factors that CT bases itself on is cost factor. Complementary therapy practices are considerably inexpensive in most parts of the world. A 2014 study confirms that conventional medical care is multiple times more expensive than complementary therapy. The acquisition of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for complementary therapy requires less funds than affording facilities for standard medical treatment. Some of its practices such as acupuncture can be implemented by the use of home-made facilities. The cost-effectiveness of CT substantiates its capacity in cancer treatment efficiency. In nearly all cancer conditions, CT and alternative medicine prove the most efficient in matters regarding affordability. As such, they are affective in alleviating the baggage of extraordinary costs on the patient. Based on the cancer condition under consideration some, require little or no insurance intervention. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that CT plays a significant role in the treatment of cancer. Substantial evidence has been garnered to prove the effectiveness of CT practices. When complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage and homeopathy supplement standard medical treatment for breast cancer, they mitigate any side effects of the treatment. Based on surveys conducted with numerous women afflicted with breast cancer, Complementary Therapy has been proven to pace down the rate of cancer development, relieve pain and symptoms and prevent possible side effects of usual medical treatment. Complementary therapy enables one regain composure of oneself and mental stability which are important aspects for one to heal completely from cancer. It also boosts the body’s positive response to normal treatment. The most success has been attributed to aromatherapy, acupuncture and meditation. Since the advent of the popularity of CT in China, many recovery cases have been realized transcending the success of standard medical care. Complementary therapies have no negative impact on one’s health since they are primarily natural in practice. This is unlike usual medical treatment which poses possible negative effects on an individual’s health. Most research findings on CT indicate that the general public would opt for both conventional treatment and complementary treatment. Such is due to the fact that medical treatment in its own healing capacities still has potential side effects that can be alleviated by complementary therapy. Since most patients and physicians embrace both, it is indisputable that CT plays a considerable role in the treatment of cancer. Further to this, the research works also state that most people resort to complementary therapy due to the unreliability of explanations made for standard medical care. Therefore, In cases where Complementary Therapy performs less effectively than anticipated, placebos which work similarly to CT are recommended. They are usually in the form of pills and enhance the cancer patient’s psychological wellbeing which plays a vital role in improving the effect of treatment. Unlike Complementary Therapy which benefits the patient both physiologically and psychologically, placebos only affect them psychologically. Both are, but not equally, effective in quickening recovery and mitigation of normal treatment side effects. Usually, the prime focus of normal treatment is the predominant condition rather than the root cause in reflection to the patient’s quality and way of life. In the long run, it proves partially effective since it obviates the primary cause of cancer which is better handled by Complementary Therapy and alternative medicine.  Therefore, the fact of CT being better focused in cancer treatment than normal treatment makes it indispensable in the fight against cancer. It is a considerable source of hope for many cancer patients because it entails concern for the patient’s overall well-being rather than just treatment. Most remarkable medical institutions that have employed complementary therapy have achieved significant success in improving the efficacy of normal treatment. CT is primarily meant for supplementing treatment rather than curing. Most critics base their arguments on the incapacity of CT to completely cure not realizing that it should be regarded as supplementary. This renders their argumentations as an indirect support of Complementary Therapy since their basis of criticism does not address what the practice is mainly meant for. Complementary Therapy services hasten recovery when employed appropriately and for the right purposes as evidenced in most notable medical institutions. CT being a multi-faceted discipline with its number of benefits surpassing the downside, it should be incorporated into the curriculum for medical studies regarding the treatment of cancer. Besides, critics should acquire sufficient knowledge of Complementary Therapy prior to developing any argumentations opposing it. Upon gaining sufficient knowledge and understanding of the prime role of CT, they will realize it is an integral part of cancer treatment owing to its capacity to enhance efficacy. Thus, it is conclusive that Complementary Therapy has a place in the treatment of cancer. It is widely practiced in many well-established medical institutions and considerable success has been achieved in improving cancer treatment processes. With respect to its cost-effectiveness, efficiency and general acceptance alongside normal treatment, it should be broadly implemented in medical learning institutions and hospitals. Sufficient evidence through numerous cases of recovery is a great tribute to CT. It is the unbeaten supplementation to conventional treatment of cancer.
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