Gay Adoptions is a very Controversial Topic

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Today there are about 153 million kids in orphanages worldwide. With a number that high, we shouldn't hold people back from providing these kids with a home, a family, and an education. You hear so many people say, They are the future, but the same people who say that, aren't doing everything they possibly can to help the kids find homes. Even though all of the 50 states allow gay adoptions, in order for them to adopt it can only be joint adoptions. While Gay Marriage alone is a very controversial topic, gay adoption is more controversial because people believe that a family should consist a mother and a father.

One argument that people have about gay adoption is that the kids are not being put into a traditional family. They believe that every child should have a mother and a father. I can understand when people say that a child needs a mother and a father in their lives. A mother can teach her child things that a father could never teach, or that a father can teach his child things that a mother could never. But is that a reason to deny a child a family? Is a child better off in an orphanage system, rather than being in a non traditional family?
Another argument is about how the the child of a gay couple would be treated by their peers. We have to work on acceptance, instead of working on ways to prevent gays to adopt. Besides the questions of gay couples' fitness for parenthood, there is the issue of how the children of such parents would be treated by their peers In this day and age we have to work on acceptance, instead of working on ways to prevent gays to adopt. While it has commonly been used as an argument against gay and lesbian adoption, studies have shown that same-sex adoption does not have a negative impact on children The studies aren't saying that the kids and their families won't still face prejudice and discrimination from people in their communities, it just says that it won't impact them to much. The families will still continue to make a living while battling all it.

People who believe that gay adoptions should be legal will say, that same-sex adoptions are needed because there are so many children waiting to be adopted and same-sex couples are able to provide the children with stable homes and families. Kids who are in the orphanage just want a home, and a family. As a parent if you can provide the kids with food, shelter and clothings, it shouldn't matter whether there is a mom and a dad. Our number one worry should be to provide the kids with a stable home, and a great family that they can call their own.

So many kids spend their whole life in an orphanage system, and they simply age out of the system when they turn 18, without a family and without the skills to make it on their own. In 2016 over 17,000 kids aged out of foster care. They also will never have a home that they could come back to. They never had someone who could guide them, teach them the skills they need to survive out in the world, because others are denying gays to adopt. I don't believe that a gender of a parent would affect the kind of shelter, food, or clothing that they would provide for the child. No one should deny someone love, or family based on the gender. Love is love, and every child deserves that in their life, no one should ever grow up without a family of their own. They are all alone, because people who have never been in their shoes believe that every child needs a traditional family. That kids are better off in the system rather than being in a home with a gay parent.

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