Should School Uniforms Required in all Schools?

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No, they are only mandatory in some schools. Whether schools should have basic school uniforms is still a controversial topic in many school districts. In many schools, uniforms can be very distracting, unhelpful with violence and bullying, and are a financial burden to some families.

In England 1222, the first school uniforms were introduced. In the 16th century, the first modern uniforms were created and worn. Since then have uniforms changed and now uniforms are suppressing teens style in many schools. Some people say that uniforms encourage learning while others beg to differ. Many students say uniforms are uncomfortable and distracting. Also when teens have always been told what to where they don't learn the skill if what is appropriate and not appropriate for school(Should High School Students...). The classic school uniform can violate the student's privilege of expressing themselves through the way they dress. Most students, about 90 percent, say that they highly dislike school uniforms and find them as an annoyance(Uniforms Make Schools...). Almost every adult makes their own clothing for that day. They have the ability to express themselves through their own individual clothing choice. When kids and teens are not allowed to create these choices on their own it can delay the transition into adulthood. Most students can find that their school uniform is way less comfortable than their other clothes. That can lead to the student being less productive. School uniforms can be a major distraction from the purpose of school. A schools purpose is to educate the youth (School Uniforms).

In middle and high school teacher and staff are promoting diversity, having students wear uniforms is the entire opposite of the appreciation of individuality. Chicago middle school student, Kyler Sumter says that ""They decide to teach us about people like Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, and Booker T. Washington... We learn about how these people expressed themselves and conquered and we can’t even express ourselves in the hallways.""(School Uniforms). When uniforms are a requirement it takes away the option of what outfit expresses you. When that factor is removed students are more likely to express themselves in ways that they are less appropriate. The teens years are a time of exploration and a time where you discover yourself. This is prominent in the way teens dress for school every day. Often teens find that their school uniforms are boring, suppress their own personal style, and limit their choice of fashion(Should High School Students...).

Another reason that uniforms should not be mandatory in schools is that they are no help to violence and bullying in schools. The classic school uniform can violate the student's privilege of expressing themselves through the way they dress. School uniforms can cause those students to be a target for bullying by kids from other schools. In many public schools, uniforms are very difficult to enforce after they are required (Uniforms Make Schools...). Not every person has the same body type. Schools uniforms are not suited to every person's individual body type so school uniforms look different on everyone. The uniform can make some people look fatter than they are which can cause a very beautiful, slender person to be bullied since they are ""heavy and ugly"". When school staff spend too much time and work on the school uniform policies that take away from things like reduction of crime and boosting student attendance and student performance. Research from Arizona State University shows that students in schools without school uniforms have higher self-esteem and higher self-perception scores than students attending schools with uniform policies. After about one to two months the social economic diversions school uniforms are supposed to eliminate are back, since the less wealthy kids' uniforms are not in good condition(School Uniforms).

If there is violence at the school, uniforms are also a ""quick fix"" to the violence(Should High School Students...). Studies show that school uniform increases the number of violent attacks by 14 percent in some schools. Miami-Dade County Public Schools Office of Education Evaluation and Management states that the number of fights in middle schools has almost doubled in the year since they had required uniforms. After the introduction of uniforms in Long Beach CA, 81% of the middle school students say that uniform does not reduce school fights, 76% say that they still did not fit in at school, 69% say that it did not help them feel more connected with the school environment and community, and 71% say that they feel no safer going to and from the school(School Uniforms).

It's proven that uniforms do not improve academic scores and they also do not improve attendance, and now it is discovered that uniforms are also a financial issue to families with less money. The cost of school uniforms can be expensive and are often not worn other than at school. The parent or guardian of the student also would have to buy clothes that are for activities that do not involve the school. Also, the clothes that are in style can be expensive(Should High School Students...).Uniforms can be costly to families with low income. Also, they are unnecessary to pay for when parents already pay taxes for education in public schools. When they have to buy uniforms for their kid's public school that can be an extra expense. The parent also has to pay for clothes for days when the student does not have to wear a uniform. The Children's Commission on Poverty discovered that over 95% of parents with low income found difficulty meeting school uniform costs in public school. Families that have more money than others often buy more than two uniforms per child, while families that have less wealthy often buy one uniform per child. The Children's Society (UK) states that nearly 800,000 children go to their school with uniforms that do not fit properly since their parent or guardian cannot afford to purchase a new uniform. In York County, PA it has been reported that some students were having to miss classes because their parents could not purchase the uniforms necessary for class(School Uniforms). The line needs to be drawn at students not being able to be educated because of silly uniforms. The policies are preventing them from their education.

The leaders of our schools are entering the private lives of students and taking the role of a parental figure by telling them what they can and cannot wear to school. Some school policies runover the right of parents to raise their kids without an official interrupting. As well as uniform companies like Lands' End had spent around $3,000,000 on advertising effort, in one year, specifically targeting schools and school districts(School Uniforms).

Since school uniforms were invented many people have different opinions on whether schools need uniforms. When schools are deciding if the school should have uniforms there are many things to consider. Things to consider are will the students like them, do they help with issues of bullying, and if students families can afford the uniforms that would be required.

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