Abortion is the most Controversial and Debated Topic

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 They found themselves in ethical dilemma as so many emotional aspects attach with that decision. Abortion can be discussing in my point of view by different people based on ethical, moral and medical ground. As controversial topics there are argument in favor and against the abortion.

In our whole life we come across so many moral and ethical dilemma which is very hard to resolve and accepted. Abortion is one of them, as strong point in favor of him and against it. As a nursing student I found this issue is very heart touching and emotional issue. Because it deals with the human life, so it is obvious that has big ethical dilemma whether it is right to do it or not. Around the world women has unequal rules and issue for abortion. According to me key point is does abortion need due to any kind of medical reason.

 During the antenatal visit of pregnant women if it was found out that may be new born baby born with any kind of congenital malformation or deformity. In this kind of scenario, it is very critical for parents to make decision, because now they know that if they go with pregnancy child born with deformity. Other hand they have choice to go for abortion. So many times, we see cases that parents come with accidental pregnancy means they does not want child at time, as they are not prepared for new responsibility due to carrier or job. This kind of unwanted pregnancy occur due to contraception failure. No matter any reason abortion remains most arguable topic now a days. In any case abortion been most controversial topic with different opinion in favor and against. I think morality play a major role in making decision when it comes to abortion.

Applying Kant’s Categorical formula, every human must obey the law of morality no matter what the situation. His first categorical imperative is following,” Act only on that maxim whereby toucans at the same time will that it should become a universal law” (Yudanin 2015). So according to Kant morally it is very hard to take decision on abortion. But many times, in such critical medical condition lead to derogate Kant moral view on abortion. And I am personally not agreed with Kant moral theory to take decision on abortion, as question of life and death come for mother and baby. I think parents must be practical and make decision to save the life no matter what the ethical and moral values says.

Some people talk of abortion on deontological point. In article by Stammers, (2016), they say parents have duty to take care of their child and not go for abortion. As deontological theory says that to always right and moral things. But the issue come when some women get raped and get pregnant, should she have right to go for abortion? Many people say encourage women to go for abortion will add more mental and physical trauma to their life. They argue that women should give birth to that child and take care. For me hard to go with or against author because I think it is personal call of person either to go for abortion or not.

One another key point of arguments on this issue is about pro-life and pro-choice arguments. Author Korcz(2002) says the arguments come from both sides of debate. The point is that should abortion be legal option. Pro-life arguments say that women have right to whether she want to go for it or not, and not limited by government or any kind of religious authority. As author Korcz says, “Given that we lack an adequate, complete criterion for determine when creatures have right to life or terminate at twentieth week of pregnancy”. I agree with author that every woman has given legal right whether to bear pregnancy or not. Because if we do not do that and have make women to have baby chances that she does not take care of him or her. As she does not want it and no any kind of emotional ties attach to child. It is not good for society I think women must have right to take appropriate decision.

Large group of people in favor of abortion laws, they argue that if due to any kind of serious medical condition to women must have right to go for abortion. Key point in their point if abortion need medically means some couple does not want child with any kind of congenital deformity and I think our legal system must give them right to go for abortion. She must have access to this medical service without any kind of restriction. ‘’ In January 1973, the U S supreme court affirmed our constitutional right to abortion, and 44 year later, most Americans believe the landmark Roe or Wade decision must be proacted (Busby, 2017)”. In so many cases birth control option is failing, and couple end up with unwanted pregnancy and that time they must give option to go for abortion. Another key point according me in favor of abortion is, it gives women time, space, mental and physical preparation to ready for that new responsibility. So, she can make better future to his kid and herself.

One of the critical points of view is about moral and ethical value involve in to making this kind of decision. When ethics and morality come to health care field it is very tricky and hard situation to make right decision. As author Patil, A (2014) says that ethics focus on moral goods than natural goods. I think moral and ethical dilemma comes when you as a health care provider thinks killing human life before it comes to world. Kant’s philosophy his metaphysics in defense of abortion rights. He always supports and advocate abortion rights. I agree with the author about abortion right to every woman.

For the abortion, I believe we know that many people and religions disapprove it, but it is still practiced. The nurse ethical dilemma here is the ethical rights and the responsibilities in the abortion processes. Knowing that nurses have the ethical and moral obligation to protect and promote life, as a nurse, I would choose to advocate for my patient, moreover the incapacitate ones, respecting the choice of the mother or her surrogate decision-maker.

Given all the above, we are concluding that the population has remained divided on the abortion question. The fact that people are different about this very point tends to render the pro-life and the pro-choice paradigms somewhat “incommensurable,” and this is probably one major reason why people are tempted to arrive at different conclusions about this topic. For my last word, I would say that abortion is a personal moral ethic and I should not render judgment on anyone`s action.

As a nursing student I strongly believe this topic in bit tricky and controversial. As it related with human life, we as a people must be more sensible and thoughtful when talk or discuss about this kind of topic. I agree with decision of abortion of parents if any kind of medical malformation may be occurred in new born child, in such case if they go for abortion is should be justified. But some parents just want to go for that because they are not ready for new child, that sound unethical because Afterall in abortion you can kill the new born baby in womb. I am not agreed with those kinds.


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