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As a Newport Academy article states, '80 percent of teen girls compare themselves to images they see of celebrities... half said that celebrity images make them feel dissatisfied with the way they look.' Body Dysmorphia is a condition in which there is dissatisfaction with body appearance. It is on the rise as teenagers struggle with the pressure from society to look a specific way. In fact, in a study by the Keep It Real Campaign, 80 percent of all 10-year-old, American girls have been on a diet. Over the years, ordinary people have idolized celebrities with cosmetic surgery, disregarding the fact that what they're seeing is not real.

Today, celebrities promote a really healthy body image to their audiences, allowing them to accept themselves for who they are and what they look like no matter what. For example, Lili Reinhart gave an empowering speech this year at the Glamour Summit about Body Image, this is one of the many things she said, 'Embracing your natural beauty does not exclude anyone. There is no fine print. You can be naturally beautiful with acne, scars, cellulite or curves.' She continued to state her point by making us think about how the industry is what makes us think these things. Do we really want our future generations to become self conscious about gaining weight? Do we want them to feel the need to explain their body or justify it to anyone as it changes?

When stars post themselves on their social media platforms, where they have millions and millions of followers, using drugs , drinking underage, smoking, etc, they normalize the use of it, making it appear as 'cool' or 'trendy.' Some adolescents idolize these stars and the probability of them wanting to recreate the actions their role model shows them, is much higher now than it was before. Whether influencers post pictures or videos or whether they wear a piece of clothing that contains graphics of drinks or drugs, whoever views that person at a high state, will want to remake it to increase their popularity or their appearance to the public eye, and so on and so on. The cycle continues.

Some social figures are very public about their issues with mental illness and addiction. Michele Moore, who is the Chief Communications Officer for the ACLU, mentioned how, 'Artists have always played a fundamental role, using their talents and influence to advance the cultural conversation about issues that matter. Free speech and self-expression are essential to our democracy. We are grateful to the creative community for their commitment to speak up and speak out to protect rights and civil liberties of all of us.” Activits raise awareness for important topics that involve subjects like politics, lgbt issues, racism, etc. Celebrities donate to charities and help spread the word about environmental/economical problems by harnessing their fanbases. They could simply be wearing a hat or mention it in a speech, but nonetheless, it always helps.

Most songs are explicit because of references to drugs, sex, and violence. A National Institute on Media revealed that each of EP's include at least 1 song with sexual content. Lyrics of some music genres, such as rock, heavy metal, rap, and reggaeton, have been found to revolve around topics such as sexual promiscuity, suicide, death, and substance abuse. Adults usually blame song lyrics for bad behavior and poor conduct of children and teenagers. Lyrics contain foul language and when young kids listen to them, they can proceed to repeat the words and direct them to people or use them in inappropriate times.

Celebrities influence how teens eat. Some are encouraging teens to eat food that doesn’t support their physical or mental development. You often see stars post about 'tea' or 'gummies' that help with a specific part of your body. For example, BOOTEA or SugarBearHair which constantly are promoted by celebrities like the Kardashians or models, etc. On the other hand, celebrities also inspire their audience to live a healthier life style. They do this by posting work out routines or simply releasing protein filled recipes that were specifically created to better the state of your health.

Teenagers often look at the pictures of celebrities, examining their flawless skin and 'perfect' body image. It impresses them so much that it causes those teenagers to look down on themselves, making them put an image to what they call perfect. What they probably don't realize is how much these stars go through. Some celebrities go through extreme measures to look the way they do. When you think about it, some of the things celebrities go through can inspire kids so much that it gives them the courage to start a conversation. Whether it’s about sexuality, their problems at school or their issues involving their friends, it helps. It gives them hope about how they can get truly far in their future besides their problems of today. 

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