Celebrities and their Responsibility as Role Models

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To start off, fame, wealth, glory, and stardom never comes by itself. There is a tremendous burden that is brought upon by idiosyncrasy and a watchful attitude. Those responsible for promoting these negative trends are the people who fail to live up to these standards of a role model; they fail to set a good example for their followers. I believe that it is important to acknowledge the fact that these celebrities bear an immense amount of responsibilities to set an example and to act as role models. As we are living in a world where media is prevalent anywhere, it is not surprising that celebrities are bombarded by cameras chasing them everywhere and them still residing in the limelight. There is much influence on the youth of today. The extravagant, grand, flashy, and expansive lifestyles can inspire anyone to dream of the life of a celebrity. From clothing to hairstyles and even how someone walks and talks, young people will imitate. At a certain point this all seems relatively bearable, however, the problem transposes when the youth start to involve themselves with drinking, smoking, and other things to adapt their favorite celebrities style. Instead of nurturing their own thoughts and developing their own ideas, young people begin to imagine the world from the eyes of a celebrity and create this imitation based on their perspective of how they interpret fame. A market that attracts businessmen is the waste of young woman going out and buying the same style outfits and accessories as celebrities, who are infamous for creating the biggest fashion trends. Merchandise designed with the names and photographs of celebrities is one of the examples. Young boys and girls may model themselves after the likes of Shawn Mendes and Kylie Jenner or may expect the people around them to have the same demeanor. There is a responsibility for the media and its people to maintain, brought on by the philosophy of young people. Celebrities are like older siblings, they should know that there is someone younger than them following in their footsteps. In the case of celebrities are being followed by steps of greed and curiosity, they should portray acts of respect and be humble. It is often seen that in interviews young people are very keen to take in what these celebrities say and do. Its shown that young boys and girls are eager to learn the personal goals and attitudes of the people they idolize. As they observe their idols closer within every interview, they start to resemble them in their everyday life. It may not always be obvious, but the youth pay great attention to their icons. It could be said that they pay more attention to these superstars more so than their teachers, well-wishers, and even their parents.
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