Case Study: Human Resource Management Framework

Executive Summary

An organization depends on various force for its success, one of the most critical elements to the success of an organization is the human factor. The effectiveness of employees is directly related to the performance of human resource department. Organization can incorporate diversity into the management of resources by employing enterprise human resource management frameworks such as SaaS. It employs MARS and CANOE tools to explain how the tools can aid in employee management.

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“Case Study: Human Resource Management Framework”

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Previous studies note that organization employees are critical to the success of the organization, in a work population that employees are satisfied with their positions; it is possible to achieve the best performance levels. Hotel Operation Managers acknowledge a satisfied workforce translates into a good customer satisfaction, for long, academicians established that there is close relationship between organizational practices in human resource management and human motivation. In the development of effective workforce management, there is need to consider psychological factors associated with participation and motivation. MARS and CANOE models find common use in the design of appropriate employee management style.

Application of SaaS in Human Resource Management

In modern employee population, often, there is a high representation of diversity and the management must take into account differences among people. Current workforce and customers does not necessarily depend on the location of the business premises, thus, a good management approach should take into account the global access to employees without violating the diversity it represents. Given the nature of workforce, SaaS allows an organization to make enjoy the benefits that comes with the diversity. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a technological framework that increases efficiency of workforce management.  A workforce that spans the entire globe will depend on the easy of employee control (Azevedo, Romão & Rebelo, 2012).

SaaS system provides a means of better management since it takes into consideration employee diversity as a well as easy of control. A properly designed SaaS package focus on the needs of the organization in terms of employee personal details as well as the analysis of the data to give valuable information to the organization. A hotel business position at the CBD have a large market, thus, the management of workforce is of critical importance. A challenge that most organizations face is how to access the potential employees recruit the right people and manage human resource affairs with ease. SaaS is a perfect answer to the employee management problem, SaaS is able to manage employee affairs at all points (Carraro, 2006). SaaS allows employees to update specific information regarding their activities, this include job description, filling of complaints and asking for promotion. The management can also access such information with much ease; most of the information processed with SaaS is real time thus more flexible and respond to actual needs within allowable time. SaaS allows the management to access information in multiple approaches irrespective of the level of management or type of data. This is possible through central data management options (Nordhaug, 2004). Besides the ease of management that comes with the technology, the organization also enjoys better cost management. SaaS is more cost effective than other forms of employee management options. A cloud based approach gives the employees and opportunity to take part in management of their affair. Since employee participation is critical to the overall organization performance, their comfort when accessing and using organization resources adds to delivery of services.

Justification of Applying SaaS in Human Resource Management based on CANOE & MARS Models

Understanding employee personal attributes when designing management framework is critical for the success of the program. Two of the methods applied in the management of the CANOE and MARS approach. CANOE approach classify personal traits in five major domains. The five major traits as defined by Costa & McCrae (1992) emerged as one the most applicable methods of understanding the relationship between personal traits and contribution at work. These factors include agreeableness, openness, extraversion, neuroticism and conscientiousness.

Each of these concepts relates to the application of SaaS as a good management tool. Conscientiousness is being disciplined and loyal to the organization activities. Employees are in a better position to display such loyalty and drive to achievement if the organization is open. With the help of SaaS, the human will be on constant contact with the employees thus able to relay organization expectation of how they should act, this works towards a disciplined and organized achievement as suggested by the CANOE model. The concept of agreeableness demands being sympathetic and corporative, organizations can create a uniform platform for cooperation through shared expectations and aims. When designing a system to take into account employee personal issues, it is critical to include concepts of neuroticism, openness and extraversion. Traditional systems take little note of these concepts, thus, the use of Enterprise Human Resource management tools such as SaaS will help in achievement of organization goals since its design can take into account the CANOE model concepts of employee behaviors. In organizations that depends on employee behavior, such as hotel management, it is critical for the management to take into consideration the employee behavioral characteristics.

Research reveal that personality and performance are intractably connected, while individual display diversity in terms of relationship with work, however, certain characteristics within the environment can shape employee performance. It is recommended that organization should take such characteristics in the design of employee management framework. While traditional management employee management tools tends to be stagnant, modern employee management approaches based on technology consider employment environment dynamics. SaaS system is able to respond employee needs, most importantly, with respect to elements defined in the CANOE model. Generally, an employee population who believe that organization management is close to them feel the need to perform as expected. Since employee population is not uniform, but diverse, it is much simpler to include specific elements within the management tool to take into account the diversity manifested. For instance, an organization that employs people from different parts of the world might need design features that take into account the diverse income taxation systems, language, communication needs, work policies and documentation approaches. SaaS allows organizations to be responsive to each employees needs as documented in their profile (Gunderson, 2001). Since people respond differently under different conditions, human resource personnel often use this traits to place people in respective working environments. It is this personality traits that underline individual performance and the overall organizational performance characteristics.

A second approach that works in the management of the MARS, the model seek to model employee management initiatives, as a result of the external and internal factors, the acronym define elements related to motivation, abilities, role perception and situational factors that have significant influence on management (Gunderson, 2001). The four elements mark major behavioral issues that individuals may express in work situation. The model can apply in different situations, but often apply in industrial cases where employee management procedure have a direct influence on the outcome of the business activities, one of such environments is hotel and management situations. For instance, an employee population that understands their role and have enough resources to ensure the success of organization objectives translates into good performance. On the other hand, employee population with insufficient knowledge of their roles or lack the necessary skills to perform their duties will lead to organization downfall. Therefore, having an employee management tool that takes into account such skills aid in success will go a long way in guaranteeing success. SaaS system allows for the proper management of human resources.

Employee motivation is the first line of proper workforce management, it defines the internal forces that promotes employees to take part organizational activities, it entails the general direction, endurance and intensity that promotes good organization behavior. Direction is the focus on goal, intensity define the efforts dedicated to the work while persistence is the amount of time dedicated to the organizational aims. A properly working SaaS can be effective in promoting motivation since the independence management approach possible through the multi-platforms offered allows the management to take into account the independent cases scenarios of each employee.

Employee ability is a concept critical to good workforce management, this is the potential of an employee to complete a task successfully. It embraces factors such as aptitudes, learned skills, competencies and personal job-fit. To ensure that the employee population have the best set of abilities, the human resources must take into consideration such factors right from the recruitment stages. SaaS system allows the management to target and employ people certain set of skills that will be beneficial to the organization. Since SaaS allows employs to independently take part in the recruitment, learn about the sets of skills that the organization desires and have a global outreach, the human resource management have access to a larger pool of employees to further its objectives.

Role-perception is a concept well-defined in the MARS, it is set of behaviors necessary for the achievement of the desired outcomes. Employees must be able to understand their respective tasks, associated importance to the organization, set of behavioral preferences and clarity of participation. Since SaaS empower organizations to deal with each employee at ease, it can promote better management of the workforce.


Since modern workforce consists of people from different people, it is essential that the management take into account the key elements that may affect employee behavioral characteristics. Since many organizations depend on employee diverse characteristics, it is important to take into account the unique employee characteristics; a SaaS system allows human resource management to handles the independence of employees. However, the design of SaaS must take into account the MARS and CANOE concepts of human behaviors.

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