Human Resource Management and Recruitment Related Issues

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There are two topics on which we will are going to discuss, i.e. Human Resource Management and Recruitment related issues. Firstly, we will be talking about human resource management which comprises mainly of four functions, namely, acquisition, development, motivation and retention which have different role in management of human resources. Another issue is recruitment, selection and induction which we will be explaining on the basis of taking an example of Dubai Hospital. If we talk about Human Resource Management then it is an approach to focus on the people who are the main assets of an organization who individually contribute to the success of the business. It simply means that employing people, the capabilities of an individual is developed out there and utilizing their services in tune with the job. Recruitment means simply providing some employment to the people working in an institution and is capable to perform any type work.

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“Human Resource Management and Recruitment Related Issues”

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Human Resource Management-

First of all, the greatest assets which an organization could find is in the form of human which is the basic need of an organization through which many works gets completed such as dealing with the customers, performing business transactions, managing cash flow and doing all form of communication all across India and the HR management is totally responsible in which manner people are treated in the company. In all type of organizations it’s not necessary that HR department is formed like in small firms so there is line manager which operates the function of HR manager. (Human Resource Management)

Human Resource Planning-

Now, we will be discussing about Human Resource Planning. The term generally used to ensure that the staff working in the company is the right staff to perform the same work. There is a need of planning for human resource available in the organization to uplift the performance of the company and employers as well but the main issue is the economic development of the company. There are various factors which can be included in the HR planning which are, determining number of employers to be employed at a new location in which there is specific number of employers which are to be given appointment at some location which should be carefully and strategically applied if not then it can result in overstretching of the staff and making it hard for the managers to meet the production. There should be proper retaining of your highly skilled staff and monitor on the extent of resignation which are being given by the key staff and discover the reasons for it and find out what the organization is costing for this and how it can be improved. There is an issue which all managers are facing that is cutting of staff without affecting the outcome and at the same time saving the long-term interest of organization. This problem can be solved by proper HR planning by fixing some appropriate recruitment level and the utility in performing some actions like retraining, redeployment and transfers. The implementation is the most important aspect of the HR planning but most of the organizations want that their HRP system should be responsive to the change and where assumptions are easily handled, plans which are simple to understand and not too demanding. The plans should be framed like that it allows flexibility in supply recognize organizational fluidity. To operate the above defined system the needs of organization should be that demands of the models should be appropriate, an understanding should be created to understand how resourcing works in the organization and above all there is a need of an next generation manager which can understand the needs of the market and could perform well in adverse situation and which has the capability to hold mass of employees under it in healthy environment which is appropriate for them to nourish and work better. (P, 1996)

Human Resources Planning Related to Dubai Hospital-

The Dubai hospital present in Dubai has a well planned usage of human resources because mostly public living there is very conscious towards their health. In health care sector the most important resources are human beings but you would be thinking about the machines and gadgets but let me specify that they are just an integral part of health care unit. The patient is the main focus of all the medical personnel while doctors, nurses and clinical assistants are just to provide OPD and ward care, administration, security and many more are just to support the former for providing safe health care. There are three ways in which Dubai Hospital is planning to improve the current usage of human resources which are work system, employee overall development and employee satisfaction. First of all if we talk about work system then there is getting full co-operation and collaboration of employees which are related through the organization which would yield favorable results in the sector of patient satisfaction. There can be improvement by encouraging and motivating the innovative ideas through quality circle which is done to the administrative sector and ward sector of the hospital. There should be time to time boosting up of the entire department related to the health care unit of the hospital which is being done by human resource managers in Dubai hospital. They are encouraging multi skilling which has been implemented amongst hospital attendants who attend different areas with different job specifications inside hospital. There is a regular continuing medical education (CME) for various personalities attached with the hospitals which are doctors, nurses and technologists. There is weakness among all the fields which is coming in notice is that there is lack of communication with patients which was confronted in various surveys. There is recruitment being done through interview in which both aptitude and attitude information are being noticed and on the basis of these behavior, the deserving candidates are hired by the hospital and the new employee is firstly made familiar to the working of the manner in which the staff of hospital work through the process of induction and finally the recruiter is posted to his/her perfect place. Now if we talk about employee overall development then we must encourage it and should be continuous process. A proper training should be provided to the employee in terms of technical, managerial and behavioral field but the most important thing their training should be linked with the development of patients and as we have discussed earlier also that there should be proper and familiar communication with the patients which is more important than anything. But only training program would not work there should be development of such parameters. The parameters which should be monitored is directly related to the well being of patient that should be the ultimate aim and goal of every staff related to the hospital which we can observe in Dubai hospital. At last we have to consider Employee satisfaction which is the primary goal of the Dubai hospital. If we talk about employee satisfaction, it is an area which is very carefully tackled by the HR manager in which they know that human tendency is that they are not satisfied with what they have achieved. Therefore, regular feedback should be taken from the employees through formal and informal assessment method which would make employees feel at least management is serious. There should be proper climate of work which should be formed in which every employees needs to be introduced to the certain awareness programs for him/her to feel proud and being cared by the organization. There should be various programs which are being made by the hospital which includes AIDS awareness program, injury on duty (IOD) facility and no loss no profit canteen facility has been given by the hospital to improve the work climate. Therefore these are the few human resource planning measure which is taken by the Dubai hospital which has excellent performance being given by the human resource manager due to which there is growth in facilities being provided by the hospital. (Ray)

Recruitment, Selection and Induction-

There should be first basic defining of all the terms mentioned above. Recruitment generally means the process of selecting and screening of qualifies people for a job at company or organization. There are different companies or organization which have different methods of selecting the applicants, the organization which vary in size that is according to their economy often retain professional recruiters or provide outsourcing to the recruiting agencies. Selection is the process after the recruitment of desirable applicants they have to select the proper candidate who would be best suitable for the post. Induction is the process to introduce new employee to the company and introducing them to their new role. It is the primary process for bringing staff into organization. The process provides working environment and set-up of the employee within the organization. Now discussing each topic in detail we would be taking Recruitment and selection simultaneously, An analysis of job should be done in order to find out the right person for the post so that the selectors should know that which type of mental and physical characteristics should a person be comprised of so that they fit into the post and what type of attitude and qualities should be desired so that they would be fruitful for the company or organization. Effectively if we analyze then we could use selection as buying an employee and a bad guy would cost them so they uses some firm and use some external expert consultants for selection and recruitment. Some small organizations exist to “Head-Hunt” which means to attract staff towards them with high reputation from employers which already exist to the recruiting employers and the recruiters should be trained enough which can judge the suitability of applicants. There are main sources of recruitment which are internal promotions and introduction which is must at times desirable for morale purposes, career officers or career masters at school level, university appointment board, advertising or the use of local media. The desirable thing which is observed in many jobs that claim about statements about classification and experience which are thoroughly checked and analyzed by the organization at the time of recruiting the applicant. Any doubts related to the medical fitness and capacity should taken into consideration and should be resolved by appearing in medical examination conducted by the company which makes sure that the employee should not be suffering from severe disease which could be transferred to other employee. The main part of recruitment is interview in which interviewing could be performed by an individual or panel of interviewers or it can be done in the form of sequential interviews. Now if we talk about induction, it is an important process in which staff is brought into organization. They try to provide an introduction to the set-up of the employee and provide a working environment to the employers which could internally boost up the employee and affects the growth of the company. This whole program covers employee rights and terms and conditions of employment. The induction programme is part of an organization’s various process namely knowledge management process and many more and which is intended to give platform to the starter to grow up and become useful and to become integrated member of the company. If we talk about recruitments, selection and induction in Dubai hospital then there is specific procedure followed by the recruitment of the new comers or starters in which they have to undergo many level of interviewing and many medical check ups so that if there is any disease present in the body of the employee which is transferable should be cured immediately to avoid the risk. The recruiter could be any higher officials present in the various departments of the hospitals or other higher officials which are running their own clinic, they could select their interviewee apart from their own doctors or officials instead they can hire some other third person which should be so capable to judge a person and could find out the qualities and deficiency in an individual for selecting right person for the job. The selection criteria are fixed by the hospital in which personal skills of an individual is also being observed. Selection is also being referred to as buying of an employee because they are being distributed wages or salary for the work they are performing.


As in above all the headings we have talked about two topics which are Human Resource Planning and Recruitment, selection and induction with respect to the Dubai hospital. Firstly human resources planning were discussed in which there was planning which should be applied in the hospitals or generally in the organization or company to uplift the performance of an individual or of company. We have talked about various method applied by the human resource manager to enhance the position of the company and to create a healthy environment in the company which is suitable for the employee to work in and now when it is turn of recruitment then there are various methods or ways in which recruitment is done and we have discussed about the application or process applied by the hospital to recruit right applicant. We can say that a satisfied human being is valuable resource which does not have any alternative. The needs of human beings are dynamic and to fulfill all those needs health organizations has to think dynamically after that only our valuable customer which are patients can get their need fulfilled. The responsibility and initiative of an employer could bring growth and development in latter’s life. Timely rewards and appraisal should be given to motivate the employee who can increase their efficiency to do work and could result in growth of company organization.

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