Human Resource Management (essay)

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1. What are the current challenges in managing people and how can HRM help managers overcome problems?

a. Overview of Human resource Management (HRM)

To begin, it is worth noting that Human resource Management (HRM) is the department responsible for managing resources related to employees within an organization or company. In this light, human resources refer to the people who work for a company or organization. Therefore, HRM involves conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs , recruiting or hiring the right people for the job, orienting and training them and over seeing their general well being in terms of wages and salaries, benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and communicating with them (Quinn, 2010).

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“Human Resource Management (essay)”

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b. Current Challenges in Managing People and Ways through which HRM can Help Managers Overcome Problems

Some of these include:

• The challenge of confronting an employee due to performance problem

It is usually very difficult to give an unfavorable remark about someone be it a co-worker or team member. This is because of the different attitudes individuals have and not everyone would be receptive or take it positively. At least, HRM has come to solve this problem. That is, HRM provides one with techniques and ways of approaching people based on their personalities through some communication strategies like giving positive feedback. In addition, HRM provides better selection practices of workers and then makes it easier and possible to set clear performance expectations.

• Conflicts

Another challenge faced in managing people is the potential threat of conflicts amongst members, team heads and members even though there is the zeal to ensure collaboration and work as a team. Such conflicts usually put the team head in an awkward position of having to arbitrate the dispute (Jan, n.d). However, HRM helps to solve this problem. HRM provides means and techniques to effectively resolve conflicts in a professional manner without the thought of favoritism or being bias in addition to common sense. This is because HRM would ensure that business codes, standards and procedures are followed accurately.

• Motivation and Retention of team Members

There is usually a challenge of retaining effective team members because motivations may not be sufficient especially in cash. More so, engagement on the part of the team may be a problem. As such, highly efficient members might one to leave for better opportunities. HRM has come to resolve this problem. That is, HRM equips team heads with ways of appreciating and motivating team members not necessary in cash, to stay focused and to continue to be part of the team (Mccarthy, 2018).

• Cultural problems

This is a challenge because due to the diverse nature of the society, (encompassing people from different cultural backgrounds) who come together as a team, team heads would need to understand and blend these cultural differences . This may even conflict with the culture they grew up with. However, HRM helps in that, it seeks ways to diversify the minds of the leaders to apt themselves with flexibility and adaptation skills, which are almost not negotiable (Valdellon, 2015).

• Innovation Problem

From a technological perspective, managing a team might be a challenge if the team members are not flexible and easily adapt to changes. This is because new inventions appear very often, including technologies that make work easier or that fundamentally change the way things are done at work. As a solution to problem, HRM equips the team head to understand the need of constantly training team members, further training or studies, organizing workshops and seminars so that the members can be well equipped (Mccarthy, 2018).

2. Personally, if you were a Human Resource Manager, what’s the biggest strength you would bring the role? What would your biggest challenge be?

As a Human Resource Manager, my biggest strength would be communication. I believe succeeding in this role would be for me to equip myself with more diversed communication techniques, understand people around me and be friendly but frank. My biggest challenge would be making the right hiring decision. This is because, choosing the wrong candidate might be very devastating as it would mean more problems to resolve.

To conclude, one would realize that HRM would help in creating a unique workplace culture, emphasizes the rules, expectations, and standards for the workplace, help everyone understand workplace diversity, facilitates communication between HR and employees, strengthen the importance of training and development and eliminates employee uncertainty (ATLAS STAFFING, 2018).

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