Evaluation of Global Human Resource Management Video

I watched the video from John Drake. He discussed perception, feelings, and spoke about the Philippines. During his presentation, Mr. Drake spoke about issues that were important to maintaining business chemistry. The Human Resources Manager is responsible for overseeing the various activities and programs related to human resource development, administration and organizational development to ensure personnel and the administrations goals and objectives are accomplished in the most efficient manner that support the overall business goals.

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“Evaluation of Global Human Resource Management Video”

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Effective HR management requires an effort to understand the culture while evaluating the overhead budgets, capital expenditures, property, and administration services. Designing, developing and administrating an attractive remuneration, fringe benefits, and allowance policy for personnel. Gathering formal and informal data from other companies, consultant’s survey, interviews observations, and questionnaires used to establish guidelines for setting job evaluation and remuneration packages.

Understanding the culture is the first step taken when designing, developing and administering policies relating to manpower planning, performance appraisal, performance bonus schemes, development of programs, etc. Once the employee is hired there is a period of training and development. The HR professional needs to be able to understand all labor laws, maintain labor relations, handle compensation, benefits, and talent management in order to pursue business goals. Past experiences, mood, values, and perception play a role in shaping how an HR person would evaluate the proper person to handle the jobs.

In the Philippines children are exposed to sexual slavery, human trafficking, and poverty. This had affected Mr. Drake’s view of the country. Often times business models need to also consider the communities where they operate. When business models adversely affect the community adversely, it can affect the international reputation, and operations of the business. In one instance he was approached after landing in the Philippines by a worker that claimed the labor union had explosives around certain parts of the facility. Understanding and handling problems while within a foreign setting can be challenging. Preparing an exit strategy, and networking were crucial to being able to tackle problems. Dignity, respect, and recognition of employees presenting complaints was critical to being able to handle disputes. Being able to listen and handle grievances was necessary. Mr. Drake liked to take pictures of employees. He posted them on the walls at the business. He took photos of employees with their families and found ways to bond with the employees.

Treating employees fairly was key to the success of the company. Fully understanding the culture of the country where your working is absolutely key to running a successful management strategy. In response to a natural disaster, Mr. Drake opened up an orphanage in the Philippines to take care of children that were displaced after the typhoon. While most HR executives do not go on to open up an orphanage, we could most definitely appreciate the reasons why Mr. Drake pursued those avenues.   

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