Should Animals be Kept in Zoos

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Would animals be safe in zoos? Do animals have similar habitat and/or diet? Do people benefit from seeing animals in zoos? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Animals should be held in zoos because they would be safe, they would have similar habitat and/or diet, and people would benefit from seeing these animals.

Safer Homes for Animals

Animals in zoos would have safer homes than in the wild. In the wild, they have a chance of being prey. Also, if they were a predator, the food would be easier to get. In source one of the article, it states,” Zoo animals are cared for by zookeepers and veterinarians. They give animals nutritious food and medicine when they are sick or injured.” This states that even though they might not spend their whole life in their natural habitat, the zoo is a better place for the animals.

Similar Habitats and/or Diets

Animals that live in zoos have nearly the same habitat and/or diet. Some enclosures have certain spots that are private to visitors. If they are an animal that lives in a hot habitat, they put heat in their enclosure. If they are an animal that lives in a cold habitat, they put A/C in their enclosures. Also, the animals need to have the near same diet or they would get sick.

Benefits to people from zoos

People benefit from seeing animals in zoos. People could get closer to animals that are ferocious in their natural habitat. They could also learn about the endangered species and why they are becoming endangered. Zookeepers can study the animals in order to make the future of zoos better. In source one, it states,” Zoos are important for helping people learn about animals and their environments.” Many people would definitely benefit from seeing endangered species in zoos.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to having animals in zoos. Some of the benefits are safer homes for animals, similar habitats and/or diets, and people learning about the endangered species in zoos. Many zoos around the country are beneficial and help animals live a better life. Zoos are a great place to visit and should stay in business forever.  

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