Santa Fe High School Shooting

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On May 18, 2018, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 17-year-old student at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, United States, fired a shotgun into the school. As a consequently, eight students and two teachers was death and at least thirteen others were wounded (Texas high school shooting). Actually, there were so many mass shootings in USA, but authorities have been not solutions to prevent that happen. Americans believe that gun ownership can protect them and prevent crimes, so it drives laws easy to own a gun.

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“Santa Fe High School Shooting”

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However, about 30 studies show that more guns are linked to more crimes: murders, rapes, and other (More guns do not stop more crimes). So many evidences proved more guns will get more dangerous. Why do Americans still own guns? Should firearms be restricted to civilians? Gun violence could have more decrease with some stricter laws. States should create laws to prevent civilians to keep guns at home, should be created laws to have strongly charge gun owners negligent stores guns, create strongly laws and regulations which prohibited to carry firearm to public spaces.

States should create laws to prevent civilians to keep guns at home. Many Americans belief that possess a gun in home can help them get more protection. However, a gun in house led to use in homicide, suicide, or unintentional shooting. Indeed, owning a firearm in house can get more risk of accident that can lead to tragic death. If people who possess guns lost their control in their anger, instead of calm down, they can use gun to injured or killed the others. According some research, in almost half of unintentional shooting deaths (49 percent), the victim is shot by another person. In virtually all of these cases, the shooter and victim knew each other (Hemenway, p. 1184). People own guns in their family can get more dangerous for their family life.

States also should be created laws to have strongly charge gun owners negligent stores guns. Some studies show that at least 285 children got ahold of a gun and inadvertently shot themselves or someone else in 2017 (Guns in the Home). That was consequence of their parents who had not safe stored, loaded, and unlocked their guns. In addition, due to accessing unsecured guns at home, adolescents have high risk get accidents or suicide.

According to a study, the USA has about 78 children, teens, and young adults who are injured or killed by guns every day (Guns in the Home). These accidents could be prevented if states had laws that criminal charges against the negligent parents.
We need strongly laws and regulation which prohibited to carry firearm to public spaces. On 1 October, 2017, instead of more enjoyed and excited, the country music festival in Las Vegas was become bloodshed. 59 people were killed and at least 527 others were injured in the deadliest mass shooting (Las Vegas shooting).

This accident might not have occurred if the gun owner was strictly controlled. It is unimaginable that many lives were taken by a gun owner. Therefore, the case of mass shooting in Las Vegas could have prevented earlier or reduce the damage if we need a regulation to prohibited gun carry in public places. Moreover, the guns were hold in car also causes of gun violence. Some evidence shows that drivers with guns drive more aggressively. In this case, the evidence shows the danger of guns in public.

Opponents say that people should be allowed to possess guns for self-defense and protection of property. Granted, sometimes guns may have proved to be a useful. However, sometimes in an effort to protect life and property, the gun owners may lose life because a simple robbery may become fatal as in the case where a robber may grab your gun and kill you, or a child may set off the gun by accident.
To conclude, if gun control laws is not adjusted to tight restrictions, the victim of gun violence will still continue to increase each year. In fact, guns will not keep us safe, but more dangerous.

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