Hitler’s Rise to Power

“Hitler’s rise to power can be attributed to several factors which he used to gain power legitimately. Germanys defeat in world war one was fresh in the minds of the Germans. Economic problems were taking its toll on the country. He was a powerful speaker and attracted a large following who were seeking change. Through the complacency of Britain, France and the United States Hitler had a huge advantage in his attempts to conquer Europe. He did make mistakes that ultimately ended his reign of terror.

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“Hitler’s Rise to Power”

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Hitler became chancellor and ultimately eliminated all democracy in Germany. With only the Nazi party allowed to exist Germany could not rid themselves of Hitler in an election. Hitler, among others, opposed communism. Hitler spread fear and was able to pass the enabling acts in 1933. Hitler effectively has dictatorial powers and now has absolute power to make his own laws. Hitler created the Gestapo which allowed him to rule by feared and terror. Hitler also did away with trade unions and their leaders. In its place he created the German labor front. The German labor front gave him complete control over the workers. Hitler sets up judges in the people’s court who swear and oath of alliance to him.

As Hitler is coming into power, he has not been silent about his goals or his belief in how Germany should be run. The events leading to the war prove he had every intention of restoring Germany to its destined glory. Hitler watched the league of nations do nothing when Japan invaded Manchuria. The world showed Germany how seriously they took the treaty of Versailles and that propelled Hitler. Hitler began to remilitarize Germany, which was another violation of the treaty of Versailles. Hitler purged Nazi leaders in the night of long knives, he clearly showed a horrible side of himself that would do anything to accomplish his goals for Germany. The biggest risk Hitler took was positioning troops in a German industrial zone that bordered France. Britain and France have done nothing in response to the obvious violations. It might have been a convincing notion to believe Germany was not really a threat if it wasn’t for Hitler’s Nationalistic speeches and his play by play in the book he wrote, Mein Kampf. Hitler’s union with Austria demonstrated now that Germany would give the world a run for its money. The evidence was clear how Hitler was accomplishing his check list, he wanted to reunite the Germans. France Failed to follow through with their alliance to Czechoslovakia when Hitler turned down the proposal after talks about gaining access to The Sudetenland with the British Prime minister. He did not expect them to oblige him. He wanted to use his army, and it made him mad that they gave in. Another attempt was made to talk this matter out, this time by Mussolini, in the Munich conference. Again, the tyrant’s demands were met. World leaders were ringing their own bells trying to convince the world they accomplished peace with Hitler. The lesson they learned in Munich was, that giving Hitler what he wanted did not, and would not prevent war. There were plenty of times force and sanctions could have been implemented that could have thwarted this war, but again no such thing. The world should have been scared for their lives when Hitler and Stalin allied briefly. Through their pact world war two begins with Germanys invasion of Poland while Stalin invaded Finland.

The United States and its isolationist theory ran so deep with in the country none of Hitler’s transgressions made them change their mind about how to help or handle the European conflict that threatened democracy. There were a few Nazi sympathizers but mostly the country agreed Hitler was a bad man. Roosevelt wanted to get into the war sooner rather than later. It would be easier to stop Hitler before he took over Great Brittan, rather than after. It just makes economical sense, but Roosevelt was stopped by congress at every turn. Hitler attempted to strike Great Britain, fortunately choosing to forgo a plan of attack on airfields and planes and instead bomb cities.

Hitler made his biggest folly declaring war against the United States after Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. Although the Nazi invasion into Russia almost succeeded, because Stalin was like a deer in headlights. Hitler still wreaked havoc in his not so successful attacks. He most definitely could have kept on advancing and stomping all over Europe without fear that the U.S would come to aid.

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