Brief Marketing Plan

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Description of Need

Bath & Body Works make sure that their customers gain both emotionally and functionally by using their products. As for fragrance mist, users will primarily focus on the fragrant. The Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist satisfies the users with its sweet and fruity fragrant which can hype up their spirit. Moreover, customers will also give attention to the coverage of mist on skin. The bottle of the Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist has a well-designed which gives a great coverage on users skin.

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“Brief Marketing Plan”

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Discussion of Market potential

A product’s market potential can be analyzed with its customer base, competitors and the environmental conditions. The Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist was mainly targeted for fragrant-conscious women. Its the ladies who have been the primary loyal customers and making this mist going strong in market. Competitors for this product will be The Body Shop, Procter and Gamble and Avon products. Although there are fierce competitors in the same industry, the Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist is considered better compared to other company’s fragrances as it has better reviews, local advertisements and data quality. As for environmental conditions, the Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist was specially launched during the holidays season together with promotional offers to give out a Christmas vibe for customers.

Description of Product Concept

Body odor will be one of the first impressions noted when you meet someone new and no one wants that to be the biggest turn off. Bath & Body Works has the latest Christmas collection, the Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist, which helps to eliminate bad body odors and nourish the skin at the same time. It gives out a very fruity and smooth fragrant with just a spray, making people to want it more. It is one of their latest fragrances with reasonable price and conditions the skin. The fragrance bottle is also very well-designed adding a holidays look to it.

Product Strategy

Description of Product

Need something to hype up your spirit? Want a fragrant which will last long and impossible to resist? Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist is just what you need. Made from red apple, winter rose petals, succulent orange, maple leaf and cinnamon as the base ingredients, it will make anyone to fall in love with its first spray.

You will prefer this product because:

– The Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist gives out a very sweet and refreshing scent which lasts long.

– Besides the scent, it nourishes your skin making you be.calm and relaxed.

Objectives for Product

One of the Bath & Body Works objectives for the Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist is to come up with a fragrance that’s utterly irresistible and can create a magical holidays experience which can be around forever among customers. Besides, they wanted to launch a fragrance which can go with the Bath & Body Works holiday collection.

Features and Benefits


  • The Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist is made out of red apple, winter rose petals, succulent orange, maple leaf.
  • It gives a fruity and unique and fragrant which will be long- lasting through out the whole day.
  • It has a very well designed pump to spray.
  • It gives out a great coverage of the mist on your skin.
  • It is made out of conditioning aloe.
  • This nourishes and moisturizes your skin and prevents your skin from getting dry.

Product Quality Strategy

The main product quality strategy of the Winter Candy Apple fine fragrance mist is by giving customers emotional appeal towards the product. The mist is given a scent which can rekindle sweet holiday memories of customers and give them the Christmas vibe. Moreover, its been made sure that the fragrance does not only eliminates bad body odor, but gives out a refreshing ambience around the user.

Product Service Strategy

The strategy for the product service is by connecting to the customers more individually rather than a traditional way. Customers will be informed about promotions and advertisements through phone call and emails. Their main focus is to attract customers to the stores. Moreover, another strategy is giving a warm welcome to the customers by well-dressed promoters and explaining to them about the latest promotions. For example, employees can be seen dressed up according to the sales season theme or their well-designed standard uniforms. This attracts customers towards the store just to communicate and know more the products.


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