A Marketing Plan on Andalusia Ltd

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Contents Executive Summary Mission The Company Vision and Values Goals and Objectives Team Management Services Market Research Target Market SWOT Analysis List of Competitors Marketing and Promotional Strategy Start-up Expenses Plan Competitive Edge Contingency Plan Get in Touch

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“A Marketing Plan on Andalusia Ltd”

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Executive Summary

Andalusia Limited provides the business consultancy services to young and experienced entrepreneurs, of all sizes of businesses in the market. The company expertise come from education and experience of Director, who will be the head of daily business operations within the company. Currently, Mr. Muhammad Arsalan, is the sole director and owner of this company and has set up this business to provide his expertise to this business sector in UK market. The forte of Andalusia Limited is that it is newly established business, and since his director has spent his time and studied in UK, but also gained experience of studying and working abroad. Mr. Muhammad Arsalan aims to bring ‘out of the box’ ideas and business policies, strategies to the customers’ businesses and provides the best quality services which is the motto of the business. Andalusia Limited will focus on SME owners and managers who are concerned to grow their businesses and seek advice to improve the productivity of the company. Since SMEs make up the majority of the UK business market and the company services will also focus on to help them to reinforce their businesses and contribute the UK economy. Andalusia Limited aims to set up as a good business model and is geared for success with respectful position in the UK market. Another forte of this business is that the director has multilingual capabilities which he will use to get good market shares in market. Mr. Muhammad Arsalan has fully focused and dedicated to set different milestones to achieve the success after having good market research, business policies and strategies.


Andalusia Limited mission’s to comprehend the customers’ requirements and customise the company services in regards to complete the customer’s business needs. The company is to be a reliable and respectful position in the market by delivering excellent customer services. Currently, Andalusia Limited is in the developing phase, but once established, its prospective for growth will be substantial.

The Company

Andalusia Limited was incorporated on 9th May 2014 under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales. The company registered address is at 128B Vicarage Road, London, England, E10 5DX with company number 09031885. Mr. Muhammad Arsalan is the sole owner and founder of this company.

Vision and Values

Andalusia Limited ‘s vision to provide a first class services to its customers at an economical and competitive rate and will build the company reputation in the UK business market through the recruitment of motivated professionals and keeping customer satisfaction at top priority. Andalusia Limited values;

  • Knowledge
  • Trustworthy
  • Professionalism and Responsibility
  • Ethics
  • People and Diversity
  • Excellent Customer Services
  • Efficiency and effective programmes
  • Excellent administrative and communication skills

Goals and Objectives

Andalusia Limited wants to;

  • Gain a good market share
  • Established a well-known and respectful company in the coming years
  • Create employment and training opportunities in the locality
  • Being up-to-date with new business trends, tools and technologies
  • Lead the Generation

The objectives of the company are to;

  • Aim for first year break even
  • Grow its customer base through effective marketing and retention
  • Retain customers through excellent service provider in the market
  • Gain an edge over competitors through associations with other relevant business consultancies so as to be able to provide an “all under one roof service”

Team Management

Mr. Muhammad Arsalan is the (Director) founder and owner of Andalusia Limited. Mr. Muhammad Arsalan try to work hard to take this in different and respectful position in the UK business market. Mr. Muhammad Arsalan has completed his Master of Business Administration from Cardiff Metropolitan University. He is working as a Business Adviser in his company as well. During his academic career, he builds up his mind to come in this business sector and utilize his knowledge and expertise. Andalusia Limited aims to assist the customers to establish their business and help them how to prepare business policies, programmes and activities. Andalusia Limited will also promoting different programmes to improve the company productivity level through utilize the company resources.


Andalusia Limited will plan to monitor all business activities to achieve the defined goals and objectives. The company set some parameters that reflects the clear image of company state over the long term. Andalusia Limited provides the business advisory services in the market with new and innovative ideas and techniques. Some of the core business services are describe in the following;

  • Data collection through evaluate the current business activities, functions and requirements of the company seeking advice
  • To understand the customer’s requirements after consultation of all key stakeholders
  • Analyse all available information through different methods techniques
  • Design different feasible solutions to satisfy the customer’s expectations
  • Develop new marketing trends for prepare business activities, policies and practices
  • Identify new marketing programmes to promote the business services
  • Guide to design new advertisement plans and business activities
  • Set different parameters to control the progress of different projects within the organization
  • Prepare documents and all reports according to customer’s requirements
  • Design guidelines and assist to invest the different organizational development skills’ programmes
  • Help customers to get business registration and insurance policies for the company
  • Set different guidelines for monitoring or tracking work progress of different programmes or projects
  • Help to assist the customers to establish International Business Standards

With solid knowledge and expertise of Mr. Muhammad Arsalan (Director) of this company put his efforts to move forward in the business field with respectful position in the UK Market. The company will plan to enhance the company resources and improve the productivity level in the coming years.

Market Research

Andalusia Limited believes in good market research for the success of the business rather than to believe in different myths running around the market. After having heavily affected by recession, Andalusia Limited is well aware of this fact that the business market has gradually raised and returned to back with healthy form. Changing business trends, tools and technology, Andalusia Limited realized that the business advisory services in this business world rapidly grow and suitable environment to come in the business field. Without having good market research, it is not possible to achieve goals. For this purpose, Andalusia Limited plans to do market research in two different phases. 1st phase For data collection, Andalusia Limited uses the different traditional ways like,

  • Observation
  • Questionnaire
  • Interview
  • Join Online Forums etc.

In this section, Andalusia Limited briefly describes about target market, market research and business strategy.

Target Market

Andalusia Limited will primarily targeted customers through different social network activities like participate different business events, workshops, seminars, reward scheme and conferences to promote the company basic services. Andalusia Limited is also known the importance of effective marketing programme because that programme leads the company into a respectful position in the market. Market can be segmented or targeted through different aspects of groups. The bases for segmenting of target market is shown in the following figure; Figure: To develop an effective marketing programme, there are some key elements always keep in mind like;

  • Identify the market groups through different business aspects
  • Market groups are separated by different defined values
  • Identify the different characteristics of these market groups

It is the most important activity to use appropriate method to target the customers in marketing segmentation. These factors will be changed according to fulfil the customer’s requirements. 2nd Phase

SWOT Analysis

To get clear picture of business and market position, Andalusia Limited uses the most efficient quantitative technique called SWOT analysis. Some description after conducting this tool is described as below in the figure; Figure: Mr. Muhammad Arsalan (Director) understands the strengths and opportunities of this business and fully focus to move forward in this business market. He also aware the business threats and weaknesses of the company and try to work hard to overcome these blocks that prevents the company success. There are many other companies in the market whose provide the same kind of business services, some of them are state in the following pages.

List of Competitors

Epics Sanderstead Ltd 327 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London, E10 7LA Tel: 03301330066 https://www.epicssanderstead.co.uk/ Bakers Tilly Associates Ltd 16 Grange Park Road, Leyton, London, E10 5EP Tel: 20 8144 5009 https://bakerstillyassociates.co.uk/services.html Premier Business Management Consultants Ltd 16, Grange Park Road, Leyton, London, E10 5EP Tel: 20 8123 7816 AA Business Solutionz Limited 20 Market Parade High Road, Leyton, London, E10 6AH Tel: 020 8123 9041 Tari Uk Ltd 291, Church Road, Leyton, London, E10 7BQ Orient Business Consultancy Ltd 44, Waterloo Road, Leyton, London, E10 7HR IRM Business Solutions Ltd 402 Lea Bridge Rd,London,E10 7DY Tel: 07502 406259 Owolabi Consultancy Ltd Flat 43, Ayerst Court, 162, Beaumont Rd,London,E10 5AD Tel:07940 300670 https://www.owolabi-consultancy.org.uk Innovative Business Solutionz Ltd 651a, Lea Bridge Road,London,E10 6AJ Tel:07972 014966 Moonlight Business Consultation Services Unit 23-24, Cromwell Industrial Estate,London,E10 7QZ Tel:07877 747492 Bright Future 7b, Warren Road,London,E10 5PZ Tel:020 3129 4857 https://www.brightfuture-uk.com Nine 2 Five Management Consulting Ltd Flat 5, Harley House, 155, Hainault Rd,London,E11 1DR Tel:07852 546169 https://www.nine2fivemanagementconsulting.co.uk M & A Consultants Ltd 824 Lea Bridge Road,London,E17 9DN Tel:020 3539 6615 https://www.maconsultantsltd.co.uk AM Business & Marketing Consultant 88 Hatherley Rd,London,E17 6SB Tel:07533 979842 https://www.am-businessconsultant.co.uk Alma Business Management & Consultancy Ltd 54 Alma St,London,E15 1QA Tel:020 8257 0342 Elite Global Business Solution Ltd 61 Malvern Rd,London,E11 3DJ Tel:020 3016 7112 https://www.eliteglobalbusinesssolution.co.uk M & A Innovative Ltd 9 East Avenue,London,E17 9NG Tel:020 8432 3205 https://www.mainnovative.com Magic Business Solutions Ltd 23 Penrhyn Avenue,London,E17 5DA Tel:07944 517524 https://mbs-ltd.com

Marketing and Promotional Strategy

To design a well structural marketing programme needs to cover the main factors that leads the company in respectful and different position in the market. Some of these factors are state as below;

  • Advertisement and promotional programmes
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Industry Participation
  • Market Relationship
  • Lead Generation
  • Up-to-date with new business trends, tools and technologies
  • Training and development skills programmes

Andalusia Limited plans to promote the company and business services into two different stages like; 1st Stage Andalusia Limited uses traditional ways like,

  • Company website
  • Online advertisement
  • Flyer distribution
  • Referral scheme
  • Reward scheme
  • Reach out customers through professional links
  • Reach out customers through industry or social networks

2nd Stage Andalusia Limited will plan to launch the company on large scale in the following ways like;

  • Registration with other UK Trade bodies
  • Marketing materials like pen, key-chains, stationery, pens etc.
  • Advertisement on Newspaper
  • Marketing through News Channel
  • Discount business packages
  • Arrange business events, seminars and workshops etc.
  • Invest in different training and coaching skills programmes

Start-up Expenses Plan

Andalusia Limited is newly starts-up the business, therefore some necessary items are required to run operational business activities that are state as below. Mr. Muhammad Arsalan (Director) of this company provides a good capital of 50,000 amount as a starts-up expenses to run the business smoothly. This capital will be used wisely to establish business and other development programmes. This capital will also use as a buffer of expected expenditures and daily routine business activities. Start-up Expenses Plan

Items Amount (A£)
Legal cost (Including registration, agreements, other technical documents ) A£1000
Company Set-up and Advice A£100
Office equipment (computer, printer, table chair etc.) A£4500
Promotion and Marketing A£1500
Insurance A£350
Utilities Expenses A£500
Communication System (DSL connection, broadband, cables, telephone etc.) A£1000
Stationary (business cards, letter head, compliment slips, pads, pens, paper sheets, envelopes etc.) A£400
Total Start-up Expenses A£9350

Competitive Edge

Andalusia Limited will gain the competitive edge through the following;

  • Available good capital 50,000 as a start-up
  • Stay out of debt
  • High quality business services
  • Competitive price
  • Providing services in-house as well as out sourcing
  • Up-to-date with latest technologies, tools and business trends
  • Excellent administrative and communication skills

Contingency Plan

Andalusia Limited aims to evaluate and monitor all business activities and gather all results to monitor and track the different projects and programmes or business activities. If the results are not met the company required outcomes then Andalusia Limited will reconsider all business plan, policies and strategies and amend it according to fulfil the business needs. This way helpful for Andalusia Limited to avoid any failure and ensure the success in the business field in future.

Get in Touch

Andalusia Limited Director: Mr. Muhammad Arsalan (Business adviser) Address: 128B Vicarage Road, London, England, E10 5DX T: +44 (0) M: +44 (0) 740 394 0020 E: W: Page 1 | 14

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