Who am i and why do i Exist

My mission to fulfil all the requirements and expectations that are related to me. My mission clearly defines my existence in this world. A girl with big dreams want to keep and make people happy around her. I want to fulfil all my roles of life with dignity either its a role of daughter, sister, wife, or a mother. I want to give my best version and a great amount of effort to be perfect and fulfil all their needs and wants. In role of a daughter , i want to make my parents proud, my decision of going BBA was quite shocking for them but they accepted that only for my happiness and peace of mind, so i want to prove myself as a girl child that girls can also study business and later on by working can support their family. An goal or a just a wish i want to earn that much that one day, I could be able to buy my father his dream car. In role of a sister, i want to make my younger sibling happy by taking care of them like parents do for their children.

I want to live every single dat of my life sharing and spreading happiness with them,want to fulfil all their needs and wants. I always want to keep my little brother happy by buying all the latest version of his favourite games. I want to travel around the world with my family. What kind of person I want to be? I hope that, i became like someone who is loyal, humble,kind and caring for everyone. I want to be dedicated with my job or work. I want to be responsible for my parents. I want to be caring and loving towards my sibling, friends, neighbours and classmates. I want to be a person with a kind heart, a person who is always there to help others. To help poor with their problems and difficulties they are facing for the living. I want to help a little girl or a boy with their studies.

There are alot of children who work to support their family and parents, i want to play a role in their life, tell them the power and importance of education and enroll them in an educational institute. My mission to be voice for the girls of my village is more important to all the goals. I want to guide those girls about their rights, the right of education, the right of an individual in our society. My mission to build an educational institute for the village’s children who can’t afford such expenses of going to school, to provide them best quality education to support and inspire them to pursue higher education in order to achieve something. So they could be educated enough to earn, to feed their family and understand their responsibility as a family member. I have been giving such attention on the education because, education gives a person better opportunities and a better future for themselves. My upbringing and values clearly defines my mission of life.


Vision statement is where are you going? why? I myself being an ordinary girl, belonging to an conservative family. A family where girls are less educated and living a life in a cage, a cage with no way out. My vision to establish, to build a school for every girl of our community. I want to reach every single child, to educate them. I want to come up with an project of teaching, guiding and helping poor kids to pursue their dreams, they will be given their basic right of education. In upcoming 5 to 6 years after completing my bachelors, after being financially independent, I will go back to my village, to build, to get my this task complete, I will start from bottom , from a small classroom , will be preferring more girls to attends the school and then slowly and gradually increase the number of classrooms as soon as will get more students.

My vision for the betterment of our community and society is clear. I will also start an NGO along with my few family friends, an NGO will work for the village issues and problems faced by poors living there. The members of the NGO will focus more on the marriages issue, a girl is not married because her father can not afford the expenses of the wedding ceremony. The NGO will help them with their needs. My vision is firstly to get higher education, and to be an CEO of an multinational company , the journey of being an CEO , I want to enjoy that process of growing and learning things from others. The journey will be inspiring and motivation for others. After completing my education, I want to start a company where sneaker shoes will be manufactured. The sneakers will be of good quality, reasonable in prices, will be imported nationwide. This is vision of my future.


Important goals that I want to achieve:

  1. EDUCATION: Education is important everyone. Everyone is willing to get higher education and an admission in best institutes. I will also complete my education, as i m doing BBA, will do MBA in future. I will put my efforts to establish educational institute for the ones who can’t afford, as everyone have a right for quality education.
  2. CAREER: ?The goal i want to achieve in life is to right now focus on my studies, my career and to complete my bachelor degree with good grades, groom myself while learning in university, so that i would be acceptable by the society. The goal to focus on my career and studies is to complete my BBA degree with the end of 2021 and then further will do MBA. After my masters degree either i will start my own business or find a job in a private company. I will also prepare myself for CSS examinations , will try my luck there as well.
  3. FINANCIAL STABILITY: ?My goal is to be financially stable, to be independent, to take care of all my expenses. Firstly i will buy myself a car as soon as i get enough savings. Secondly, i will book an small apartment for myself. I will be financially supporting my parents.
  4. FAMILY: ?Everyone is willing to have a perfect family so am I. My goal to give give my family especially my parents a comfortable life, a house of their own. My first priority is to fulfil all needs and wants of my family.
  5. ARTISTIC: ?My artistic goal is to capture pictures, I love to capture moments. I myself is a camera shy person but my goal is to one day to open my own studio. I will like to pursue this goal of life as hobby and will take workshops for learning more about photography and photoshops. I usually edit video and picture of my family gatherings. My artistic talent or skill you can say is that I edit and capture pictures of kids and newborns.
  6. PHYSICAL FITNESS: ?My goal to achieve a good healthy lifestyle. I want to achieve my physical fitness as being a diabetic patient it’s quite a tough job for me to ignore sweetness but i really have to because of my health issues. So i want to be healthy and physically fit in the end of this year.
  7. TRAVELLING: ?Paris, Vienna, Italy, Turkey, USA, UK and many more places, I want to visit, I want to accomplish my travelling goal before i turn 35 because in order to travel this much you need to be fit and fine.
  8. SOCIAL ACTIVIST: ?Social activities are conducted for the change and betterment of the society, which enhance the power of society to grow in all aspects of life. I want to work as a social activist to fight for the change in our society, especially i will work to overcome illiteracy rate in Pakistan.
  9. PERFORMING HAJJ: ?The main goal or objective in muslim’s life is to perform hajj. We all think, we will atlaest perform hajj one day when we grow old, but no i want to perform hajj and umrah with my family.
  10. ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS: ?Your attitude towards others defines your personality, either you are rude or polite with your colleagues. My goal to grow myself, should know how to balance my personal and professional life equally. Mental growth plays a vital role in your personality, it is important for me to stable my mental health. To be well known about my strengths and weakness in order to grow my good attitude relationship with others.



The most important goal of my life is to solo travel around the world. I want to travel the world to explore new places. So i have planned all the trips, where and when i have to visit those. Traveling is something through which you can learn alot from exploring different places, meeting new people, making friends, learning different cultures, learning and speaking different language around the world. Traveling make you a better learner, traveling increases our level of acceptance, increases our humility. It helps to grow your mindset, it provides you peace of mind. Traveling enhance your abilities, improve your attitudes towards others. It is way of learning many people so am I learn from traveling.

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