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Women's education refers to every form of education that aims at improving knowledge and skill. Whether a boy or girl, education is important and essential for everyone, but it is hard to believe that even now some communities and countries still discriminate against the education of girls. A report by UNESCO statistics found that "around 31 million girls of school age were not in school, and about one out of every four young women in developing countries had never completed their primary school education." That huge number represents all the unexploited girl power. Although women over the years have made progress, women's rights and access to education still remain a world problem. Many plans have been proposed on how to solve this world problem, and there are different solutions but one main resolution is by bringing attention and global awareness to women's educational rights.Educating girls is so important for the world as a whole.

The problem here is that girls are not getting the same educational opportunities as the opposite sex. The progress of our world depends on the success of women across the globe. "The future must not belong to those who bully women. It must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons.", said by President Obama. Around 62 million girls around the world right now are not in school. Without education, girls are more likely to marry young, have children early, and spend their lives in poverty. Yet, when girls are given the opportunity to get an education, they are more likely to improve their own lives and their families, helping to break poverty.My solution on ending the deprive of women's education would to keep speaking out. Then push governments to start taking action and start passing more laws on how girls have the fundamental right of being a human being and getting the proper education they deserve. If we educate our women we can create more jobs and better the economy. So what is standing in the way of these girls going to school?

Well although education should be free, there are a lot of costs with sending children to school. For example, the cost of uniforms, textbooks or traveling expenses can be too expensive for a family living in poverty, so often parents will keep the girls at home and send the boys to school instead. Then not to mention war and violence is a factor, girls who live in a place that is affected by conflict are 90% more likely to be out of school for their safety. If we could improve a few of these obstacles that stand in the way of girls going to school, we can achieve the goal of getting every woman the education they deserve.I believe we must take many steps to reach the goal of worldwide education for girls. First, we should start by making classrooms more accessible and gender-sensitive for both girls and boys. Also, schools should be a safe place, and we need to be able to prevent violence and protect children such as; no child labor and no physical, sexual or mental harassment. We can also speak out and inform boys about gender equality and get them on the same page because more voices help spread the cause. If we could keep informing communities and pushing for change we can successfully get girls from all over the word the education they want and need.

Educated women are capable of anything and everything, so why is it important that we educate our girls? Well for one, the rise in economic development and prosperity, education will empower women to contribute towards the development of the country. Empowerment and independence will come through education and employment of women. Not only does educating women help the economy and their country, but it also improves the girl's health. Educated girls are now aware of the importance of health through health education and they are now able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Then finally, educating girls is just good for our planet in general, when everyone has the equal opportunity to an education they can go however far they want in life because they now have the choice. Education for girls can transform communities, countries, and the world. It is an investment in economic growth, a healthier workforce, lasting peace, and the future of our planet.

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