Comparing Global Traditions Research Paper

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The country chosen to compare to the United States is Mexico. The tradition chosen is a coming of age tradition which is a Quinceaí±era. The reasoning behind choosing to compare a Sweet Sixteen to a Quinceaí±era is because they're both so similar yet so different in so many ways. A Quinceaera and a Sweet Sixteen both celebrate a girl's transformation into womanhood; although both are similar they differ in the birthday that they celebrate, the formality of the event, etc.

In several parts of South and Central America girls have a Quinceaí±era when they're fifteen years old. A Quinceaí±era traditionally starts off with a Catholic mass where they renew baptismal vows and also typically sometime during or after the mass they allow the girl to have time to talk and thank God. The ceremony is important, as it solidifies the girl's commitment to her family and to her faith. The parents and the girl typically spend nearly a year preparing for the ceremony and the party that follows the mass.

The whole party can be extremely expensive but in some cases, if two family member or friends are whiling to be the godparents they typically help with the expenses. There are so many things that have that have to be purchased like the ball gown, venue, dance lessons for the girl and the chambelánes, tiara, etc. There are normally seven chambelánes and the chambelán de honor which are the Quinceaí±era's escorts. The chambelán de honor acts as the Quinceaí±era's date for the whole event.

The party normally begins with a formal entry for the girl which then is followed by a toast from parents, friends, and family members. During the party, a doll which is also known as the last doll is given to the girl to signal that she's leaving her childhood behind. Traditionally there are various father-daughter traditions which included a dance and a tradition where he removes her slippers and puts on high-heels to signify that she is now a young woman. There are other traditions like the waltz that is performed by the Quinceaí±era and her court, the crowning, etc.

A Sweet Sixteen is a coming of age tradition that is celebrated in the United States once a girl turns sixteen. While some families throw huge, lavish celebrations, others choose to celebrate the birthday as it were a normal occurrence. Sweet Sixteen celebrations tend to not have the religious influence of other coming-of-age celebrations like a Quinceaí±eras. Often times cars are given at a Sweet Sixteen which represents that the child's freedom and responsibility have risen.

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