Dawry System

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•Dowry is a social evil. Dowry system has been prevaling in all communities of India. It is an age old custom that is followed in India. When a boy is getting married to a girl the parents of the boy fix a certain amount of cash and gold to be given by the girls parents. In olden days there was no demand from the boys side. The girls parents used to give some amount to the boys parents as gift. Later it became a habit to demand dowry. The brides parents struggle to arrange for cash. If dowry is not given the bride is harassed by the in-laws and their relatives. The grooms resort to beating and mental torture on the bride. The institution of marriage which is supposed to be very sacred turned out to be a trade of men by the parents. The more educated the boy is the more the dowry is demanded. Apart from cash,gold and other house hold articles are demanded. In some countries in the ancient times the groom only had to bring certain no: horses to give to brides father then only he was allowed th marry the girl. The kings in India used to give dowry only for the sake of prestage. There was no greed from the grooms side also. Ladies were respected though they were confined to the four walls. Later the attitude changed and people were overcome by greed. Dowry is also one of the reason for gender discrimination. If a girl is born the father almost has a heart attack. The population also increased in our grand fathers times. They used to give birth to so many children waiting for a boy to be born. In some communities the girl child was abandoned or even killed. With the development of science female infenticides began. Some people resort to abort the girl child. Now a days even the educated boys who are settled abraod are harrasing their wifes for more dowry. The bride who goes with dreams of happy life suffer in an unknowm coutry. This is really a shameful situation. The girl who is brave walks out of such situations. In some cases cheating also takes place. The boy gets married in another country with out his parents knowledge. For sake of dowry he come to india and marry again and abandon the girl. The parents should be careful while giving their daughters to NRI’s We read many cases of girls commiting suicide and being killed by the inlaws for the sake of dowry. How can people be so unkind to resort to such henoius crime of murdering? Some of the freedom fighters have tried to abolish dowry system but still it is continuing. Previously since the girls were not having the right to property the father used to give a part of his property as dowry. Now the girls are having equal rights on her parents property and are highly educated and are earning equally like men. Women have become financially independent. But the dowry system is not abolished completely though it has become less. Measures should be taken to abolish dowry system 1. Anti dowry laws should be made stringent. 2. The boys should be brain washed at an young age itsself against dowry. 3. There should be group discussions about it in colleges 4. The boys should take the initiative by telling their parents not to demand 5. Girls should refuse to marry if dowry is demamded. 6. Intercaste marriages should be encouraged. 7. The girl should be strong enough to walk out if she is haressed. 8. Action should be taken on in-laws who are harassing. Skip to Navigation •Skip to Content

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“Dawry System”

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