School Systems Nowadays

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School systems nowadays believe that enforcing a dress code will put an end to the many problems in the school. I strongly disagree and believe that is not the solution to the problems.

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“School Systems Nowadays”

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Schools will send a girl home from school because her shorts are too short, her shoulders are showing, or her clothing is too indecent. The school systems mainly target the girls when it comes to the dress code. Guys can completely go against the dress code and not get told a thing. When girls show a shoulder or part of their ankle they immediately get told to change. The school dress code is terrible and needs to be changed.

First of all, just like all the schools I’ve attended, most schools don’t have air conditioning. Most schools have uniforms, and the guys have to wear long pants. On warm, sunny, days they will be sweating like crazy. Also, for girls, the school uniform it consists of them having to wear skirts. What about when it’s winter? They will have to school with freezing legs. Most girls don’t like wearing skirts. I know several girls who aren’t comfortable wearing skirts. To be able to pay attention in school you need to be wearing something you feel comfortable in. It is hard to wear something uncomfortable and still pay attention.While still on the topic of school uniforms, the uniforms in school have taken away the student’s freedom of expression. Everyone has their own kind of style. The outfits they wear, the way they style their hair, but with the dress code that is taken away.

Some people like bright colors, sports stuff, and rock bands. A school with a set uniform just clothes in boring colors. Sure, it is more cost friendly for everyone, but it keeps the students from expressing themselves. With uniforms, there wouldn’t be much of a way for you to be different from everyone. Everyone would look the same and it would be hard to tell the difference. Without dress codes, people can keep up with all the popular fashion trends. For some people that is very important to them.Also, another fault in the dress code is cost. Dress codes can cause major money issues in families. Most clothes are highly-priced in stores. A lot of families cannot afford extra clothes for their children. Some families get a new job or are in the military and they are forced to move around. What if that family was struggling with money? Since they were required to move their kids was forced to school with a stricter dress code. How would their parents be able to buy new clothes to follow the school’s dress code?

They can’t! This is a serious problem with the school’s dress code. School dress codes mainly target the girls. The administrators hardly ever go after the guys. They don’t let girls wear tank tops, sports shorts, tight jeans, low cut shirts, or anything three inches above the knee. Many guys have shown up to school wearing tank tops and really short track shorts. Not once have I seen the administrators, not heard about them, getting onto them about what the guys were wearing. My friends told me about how their school has this shirt they make the girls where when they get dress coded. The shirt has dress-coded in big letters written across it, and it hangs down to their knees. Other schools send the girls home to change their clothes. Sending a girl home from school because you think her clothing is immodest is wrong. You are essentially telling her that hiding her body is more important than her education. You are telling her that making sure the boys have a distraction-free learning environment is more important than her education. In a way, you are basically telling them that boys are more entitled to an education than the girls are.

While on the topic of dress code messing with people’s education, the dress code makes it harder for people to get an education they deserve. Imagine this, it’s a hot, summer day. Your school doesn’t have air conditioning. You decide to wear shorts and a tank top. You follow the school’s dress code; no spaghetti straps and your shorts are less than 3 inches above your knee. You are sitting in class, you rushed to finish all your work, so you could study for your big test next block. You ended up with fifteen extra minutes to study. You begin to study and then the principal walks in. He takes you to his office and explains the teacher called him and explained your clothing was immodest. He demands that you change immediately. By the time you get an extra pair of clothes, and get back to class and it’s time to switch blocks. You didn’t get a chance to study and you’re now stressing over this test. This has happened to so many girls in my school. It’s not fair boys are wearing the same outfit, and they don’t get called to the office.

How come the school does not care about the dress code when it comes to the girls on the sports teams? The girls on the volleyball team get to wear their spandex and sports shorts to school. Not a single teacher or administrator will say one thing to them about it. It’s the same thing for the girls that run track too. The track girls wear their sports shorts and tank tops. How come the track and volleyball team players get to do that and every other girl can’t?

That is so unfair for everyone else. It makes no sense because that is giving some girls special treatment just because they are on a team. If the school is so strict on the dress code, and making sure the school is a distraction free-leaning environment why do the sports players have an exception to the dress code? Why can’t they let all the other girls dress that way? If they don’t want everyone else dressing that way why let the sports teams do that? They can wear regular clothing and then change before practice as the guys do.

The school’s dress code is too strict with girls. Not once in my eleven years, I’ve been in school have I had a guy classmate complain he can’t focus because a girl’s shoulders or legs were distracting him. I think the school needs to consider making the dress code equal for guys and girls.

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