Statement of Purpose


I am currently a senior student studying Medicine at the Medical University of the Americas (MUA). I am expected to be graduating in October 2017 as a doctor of medicine. I can proudly say that I have been one of the highest ranked students in my class. I believe I have gained the requisite experience and knowledge from the classroom setting and during my clinical practice.

My interest in medicine resulted from an accident that my brother was involved in. As I was engulfed in my thoughts. I thought of patients I had seen and immediately knew why I wanted to be a doctor. To me, making a diagnosis and giving treatment was not enough. I needed to understand the rationale that was propelling the decision.

Medicine has been an area of great interest for me. This is because I have always wanted to practice a career that I am always learning and working with people at the same time. In my past learning years, I have come to realize how much I have and have taken for granted. This method of thinking made it easier for me to move past my test scores. Additionally, having worked as a nurse, I have found it of great importance to improve my communication skills. I wish to refine and have an in-depth study of the art of conversation.

I have done some researches that provided an in depth look at the relationships that have arisen between medicine and communication. Additionally, as a student leader in Medical University of the Americas, I have been a lead instructor in teaching American lifestyles and cultural habits to transitioned foreign exchange.

My long-term career goal is possessing the ability to comprehend patients fully in both verbal and non-verbal levels and relaying critical information delicately.

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