What is the Purpose of Education?

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I believe the purpose of education is that all people have the opportunity to learn. Education will unlock the mind of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Education will cause children to unlock knowledge and become boys and girls that will turn out to be men and women in society who can function successfully in society.

Who should receive an education?

Everyone born into this world should receive an education. Everyone learn different so no matter what it takes, everyone should be given the right to an education. I believe that all children are different therefore each children is unique in his or her own way.

How should the learning environment be structured, both physically and emotionally?

The learning environment should first of all be safe and hazard free. It should be a warm loving environment that make anyone feel safe and welcome. The environment should nurture a child's emotions so that the child will be able to adjust and open up to their environment which will promote that child to adapt to a learning environment.

What are your responsibilities and obligations as an educator of young children or youth?

My responsibilities as an educator is to make sure all children are treating fairly. I must make sure children have a safe place to learn and develop in every area of life. Each child must feel safe and happy while making learning fun and exciting. As, an early childhood educator, it is my responsibility to promote learning through play. I must also encourage independence and creativity. The educator must stimulate intellectual curiosity and understand the world around them. Every educator must understand that each child is different and they all learn on different levels. Each child is different, so teaching should be different.

What roles do the parents, school administrators, and community at large play in education?

Parents play a large play in the life of their child. Their parent is their first role model. Parents should model a good attitude about learning and that will inspire their child to be positive about their educational journey. A child's first learning starts with the parent. Children begin to learn from the time they are conceived in the womb of the mother. Parents begin to read to their child and let the child listen to music. Mothers even talk to the child in the womb. The parents and the community should make sure children have a safe learning environment.

Community is a casual and energetic agency of education. It is defined as a group of families settled together in a particular area with more or less common practices, ideals, ideas, values and culture. There are different agencies that support the community such as: museums, art galleries, libraries, music drama centers, recreation centers, religious and secular institution.

The administrator works with the staff to make sure everyone is collaborating and working toward the same common goals and opportunities. The administrator come up with a team to support the child's goals. The administrator play a vital role in planning the curriculum, standard testing, goals, timelines, budgets, and state regulations. Most administrators learn strategies how to relate to all children background.

How should educators teach children and youth?

Every educator must understand that each child is different and they all learn on different levels. Each child is different, so teaching should be different. The educator should provide goals with the children abilities in mind and include physical and intellectual accomplishments. Children should be introduced to art, music, pre-math, social-self, pre-reading and kindergarten readiness activities as the child shows interest. The educator should keep the child motivated about learning.

What should educators teach children and youth?

Educator should teach developmentally appropriate activities that change with the age and experience of the learner. The teacher should take in account of the child's cultural background. Teachers may have to come up with different strategies as to how to teach a child. A formal curriculum should be planned program of objectives, contents, learning experiences, resources and assessments offered by a school. Informal curriculum is not planned, it's randomly done. Extra Curriculum Fall outside of the normal curriculum

Each one of these curriculums play a vital part in the education of a child. I believe a curriculum should always be in place. The curriculum help the educator to stay focused on what they are teaching the children. It helps to track the child's progress. It will help to determine a child's weaknesses and strengthens. I believe sometimes an educator has to stray away from the curriculum or use another learning tool to help the child to learn the curriculum.

I think that the educator should do what is necessary to promote the child in learning.

I plan to help each child grow to their full potential in learning and at the same time making learning fun and exciting.

What do you value? Should educators teach these (or any other) values?

As an early childhood educator, we have an incredible opportunity and power to make a difference in the lives of our students. I value my students' present and future education. During the first three years of a child's life, essential brain and neural development occurs. Therefore, children greatly benefit by receiving education before kindergarten. This is a key value that every educator should focus on because our job as an early childhood professional is extremely important.

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