Special Education

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Inclusivity of special needs students in classes with normal students provide an equal ground to compete but do not make them equal. Disability is not inability, and the disabled children can have high skills that the other students but learning to them are a challenge. The students find it very hard to find friends and also relate well to their peers. In most cases, they are neglected as they cannot do all the duties normal children can execute. However, the inclusion of children with needs in classes with normal students’ acts as a motivator to make them feel valued and not isolated. They can try and compete in the classrooms with the other students. Additionally, the normal students can understand their needs and offer aid when necessary. These actions create sense of belonging to the special needs children (Harwell, Joan, and Rebecca, 2008).

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“Special Education”

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Teachers must, therefore, put up strategies to efficiently and more make both students have same levels of understanding of their teachings. Special needs children may have slow understanding levels, inability to write, talk or hear correctly. Tutors have the duty to ensure that the children have the same understanding as the other students. In some cases, it is advised that the students have their different classroom where the teachers can fully meet their needs. Teachers in a normal student school have schemes of work which aid in the planning of the teaching process but this may not apply to the special need students. The students have different needs and understanding levels making it hard for the teachers to plan their teachings.

However, great teachers are the ones able to understand the needs of both the normal and special need students hence be able to help them accordingly. The issue of separate classrooms brings isolation among the students making some feel superior to other in schools. The teacher should put up measures to place both students in same classrooms but attend to the needs of both efficiently. Training of teachers should be inclusive of both the normal and disabled students in schools hence make them able to know how to handle both students. In the case study of    Roosevelt Elementary School, use of the same classroom for normal and disabled students makes them cope with each other. The gap might be closed between the students but in other cases not closed completely. The children in grade one and two can show substantial progress in competing with other normal children.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), champion for the inclusion of all students in elementary schools. These are an opportunity to provide the students with equal chances despite their different abilities. The teachers should prepare a curriculum that benefits all the students as they learn in the general education classrooms. Through this attempt they can meet win- win approach for the students thus making them benefit from the school system. Ensuring inclusivity in an institution for both the normal and disabled children, the schools should cluster special needs students and employ professionals to help in the general education classrooms. They should devote time to know programs that will benefit all the students in the schools. Special education classes must also be placed in the schools or campuses and not in the outskirts’. Special educators must be involved in the planning of schools curriculum to ensure the needs of all the students are catered. The special need children must be put on the roster of the general classrooms to enable them to be included in all events and not to be forgotten. The students need to go trips, games and to other places just as the normal students. Parents must also communicate what they expect of their children when taking them to a comprehensive model. Finally, education institution carrying inclusivity of the students must discuss the expectation of the approach and be able to set solutions to remedy any issue arising in the future.

All students are equal and must be provided with equal learning opportunity despite their challenges. People should champion against isolation as it unethical and illegal in the world. Disability is not bad, and the persons do not choose to be in nature they find themselves. Disabled people have shown great abilities in the past even better than a normal person. The society ought to give them an opportunity to grow and explore their talents. Schools which offer inclusive education to normal and disabled students must be encouraged as them impact tolerance among the students. They learn the culture of depending on each other thus reducing isolation. The environment must be favorable for disabled persons to enable them to be able to compete effectively with others. It is wrong for people to have the notion that people with disabilities need aid all the time and they cannot be independent. They are human beings only with some shortcoming, and they should not be neglected. The society should love and care for the disabled. Disabled persons have the right to get a proper education, and this should not be violated.

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