What is the Cause of Suicide?

Herodotus said in his book, When life is so burdensome death has become a sought after refuge. It is strange that the progress that came with more means of luxury, comfort and more facilities for the human, who met with more rejection, anger and resentment. We have seen suicide statistics rise with the indicators of progress in each country, The more civilian country cause the greater of suicide rate. They throw themselves out of the windows, swallow the poison and the suicide hidden by alcohol, drugs, smoking, hypnotics, painkillers and stimulants, also in the forefront of these suicide pioneers of art and thought and culture people come back to take wisdom science and guidance. So, the wave was full of newspaper columns news of swallowing poison and shooting, hanging and burning. The specialists said that the proportion of statistical increase exceeded 20%, is a large number, and the increase continues year after year.

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“What is the Cause of Suicide?”

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The question is. Why? What is the secret? What is the cause of suicide?

If we left the details aside and tried to root the problem, we found all the causes of suicide end to one reason, we are in front of a person who missed his expectations and no longer find in himself the resolve or the determination or even willingness to reconcile with the new reality or patience on the old reality. It is a moment that runs out of energy to impatience and runs out of stunt and exhaustion.

The moment of shedding weapons, despair, soon turn to the accusation and condemnation of others in the world, then enmity to the self and others, continues to escalate and worsen until it turns into a war of a different kind announced by one on himself and launched on the inside, and at the height of the peak taking the weapon to uproot the problem from its roots, also to take off with it the bitter feeling and the blushing of the eye that sees, cut the tongue that tasted, destroy the brain that thinks, destroy the hand that is doing thing and the foot that walks. It is a kind of monopolistic opinion and a monopoly on the solution and the confiscation of all other opinions, but denial of the right to every existence other than the self.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly one million people die every year, although only 25 of them have asked for help from hospitals to protect themselves from them in the last five years.Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 25-34, the third leading cause among people aged 15-24, while the age group between 45 and 54 recorded the highest female suicide rate, while males recorded the highest suicide rate among the age of 75. The age did not prevent anyone from committing suicide, children under the age of six recorded successful suicides. While females try to commit suicide two or three times more than males, males are more likely to die of suicide than females. Research has shown that males account for nearly 80% of suicides, This may be partly due to the suicidal tool, so males usually resort to firearms, while women often resort to toxic substances, or large doses of sedatives.

The person who decides suicide, is in fact suffering from severe psychological pain can not afford, and decides to end his life at all costs, struggling between two opposing forces are the strength of the killer and the weakness of the dead and pain, and psychologists confirm that the suicide bomber at the moment of suicide lives one case of three cases, which are the source of his strength, and enable him to continue and move forward to his death, with serious and serious steps without confusion.

  • The first is the case of retaliation: In this case, the perpetrator attacks his or her aggression against a person in his or her imagination, which may cause him moral pain. The killing of the person in this case is a killing of the person inside him.
  • The second case is submission: in which the suicidal person is so desperate that even death and life are equal, there is nothing left to live for one more day. All his reasons for life have ended, and all his hopes have been exhausted, and this situation is the most widespread in the world.
  • The third and final case is an aggressive case: the person who commits suicide is motivated by the desire to kill, the desire to commit violence even if he is against himself.

Although the relationship between suicide and mental disorders (especially depression and alcohol-induced disorders), there are many suicides that occur suddenly in moments of crisis as a result of the collapse of the ability to cope with life pressures, such as financial problems, the breakdown of a relationship or other Of chronic diseases and diseases.

Depression is one of the most common causes of suicide, people with severe depression always have a feeling of underdevelopment and no hope of getting rid of it, a pain that increases the pain of being in itself and becomes difficult to endure over time. In a state of depression controls person logical thinking and drives him to not pay attention to his life, a feeling that should not be blamed on a patient with severe depression. These are simply uncontrollable symptoms such as chest pain. Although there is a cure for depression, Patients suffer in silence, and lie Suicide without knowing one of their illness, so it is advisable to ask relatives and loved ones if you doubt their illness in order to prevent an attempt to commit suicide. There are also many social and cultural causes of committing suicide, including: the difficulty of seeking help and support when feeling isolated and not accepting others, whether due to sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or sexual identity. Suicide, in addition to the inability of a person to obtain mental health treatment or drug use in some communities, which leads him to commit suicide, and the adoption of suicidal systems as a solution to personal problems in some societies.

In addition, conflicts, disasters, violence, abuse or loss are strongly associated with suicidal behavior. Suicide rates also rise among vulnerable groups that suffer discrimination such as refugees and migrants; indigenous peoples; lesbians and homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people, bisexuals and prisoners. The previous suicide attempt is the most dangerous risk factor for suicide. There are some other reasons that increase the risk of suicide:

  • A family history of mental health problems, drug abuse, violence, suicide, feelings of despair, isolation, and loneliness.
  • Face legal problems.
  • Drug abuse and alcohol abuse.
  • Exposure to some disciplinary, social and scholastic problems especially in children.
  • Exposure to bullying.
  • Suffering from mental disorder or mental illness, such as: adaptation disorder, anorexia nervosa, bipolar disorder, disfigurement disorder, personality border disorder, schizophrenia disorder, sexual identity disorder, panic disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder Social, and general anxiety disorder.

The first question that comes to the reader’s mind is, Is the suicide a moral act?

Most of the religions sanctify life, which the laws depend on to criminalize suicide, The failure to commit suicide puts you in prison in most countries of the world, but such as India and Britain have given their citizens the right to commit suicide, it should respect his decision to commit suicide, especially if the suicide majority is considered a rational solution to the real problems of chronic can be taken by some.

Some arguments for suicide freedom speak of trying to preserve human dignity and put an end to their suffering. On the other hand, however, a person with mental and neurological disorder does not have the full mental capacity to make a sound decision about ending his life and may be under severe psychological pressure, depression, of course will not change his mind after his death. In contrast to most of Philosophers do not think of committing suicide from an ethical point of view, existential Philosophers are convinced that life is meaningless, so do not mind suicide. Instead of sanctifying life, you have to justify your survival by giving life a meaning and achievement that justifies not suicide. And some said that nothing in life carries the slightest value, not even the suicide itself, and then considered suicide is not important, because there is nothing considered a “”rational suicide””, the person who committed suicide is controlled by hid feelings and his mind.

The philosopher David Hume suffered from great sadness and wrote about suicide and immortality after death. He said, “”Only one step may put an end to human misery, but I fear it for its own sake.”” Hume spoke of the natural fear of death. According to Hume, God established the laws of nature, enabled all animals and humans, gave them physical and mental power, and with the interaction of the forces of nature, there was no need for the power of God in the earth. Given this situation, person uses his powers to provide an easy, happy and stable life, Thus the suicide of a person is permissible even if he is religious, because then it will not contradict the purpose of God, according to Hume.

There is talk about the selfishness of the suicide bomber and the damage of feelings around him. Hume says that the suicide bomber does not harm anyone with his death. Rather, he stops only the work of good. In his opinion, person is obligated to do good to others, In case his existence is a burden on society, it is good to commit suicide. Hume is actually moral suicide, regardless of the morality of suicide or not, suicide followed by death, and therefore the question was: Should a person be afraid of death?

The Philosopher Thomas Nagel, in his book The Cruelty of Death, answers that if death is evil, he says that death is evil because it deprives us of the pleasure of life. Death is a deprivation which in its essence carries no positive value, but derives its negative value by depriving us of life. For Nagel, the experience of empty life is valuable in its existence, regardless of our success or failure. But Nigel’s philosophy has been met with questions such as: If a person commits suicide and dies, when will he feel the cruelty of death? There is no existence to evaluate the experience of death after his death, and a second question that we do not consider the long period before our birth evil, why consider the period after death evil? In both cases we do not enjoy life?

He said that the good or the evil that affects us affects our memory, and if it does not affect us at the present moment, it can befall us without realizing it, and he touched upon an example of a man of sound mind and intelligence, who suffered a brain hemorrhage, the mental ability like to equal the capacity of an infant, this man was exposed to evil, even if he could not grasp his current mind.

Those who try to commit suicide do not seek any gain from suicide; those who try to commit suicide try to escape a life filled with unbearable pain. Suicide is not an attempt or a search for death. Suicide is not synonymous with death. Suicide is synonymous with pain. , Whether a friend is interested to his order, or someone who expressed his desire to Facebook, and dispersed everyone believing that no one else will certainly help him.

Take it seriously: There is a legend circulating that the person who speaks of his desire to commit suicide does not commit suicide, but studies have shown that more than 75% of the suicide bombers expressed their desire to commit suicide and suffering from the despair and distress of those around them a few weeks or a few months before killing them For themselves, so those who express their desire to commit suicide are someone who needs immediate attention.

Anyone trying to commit suicide will show: The proportion of patients with psychosis and hallucinations in those who tried to commit suicide does not exceed 10%, most of the suicide patients suffer from a recognized neurological disease, a depression, and many of the patients of depression spend their day naturally, and manage their daily affairs, And bathe, and care about their appearance, if you do not find bad cover the case of your friend does not mean that he is not serious in his desire to commit suicide.

Underestimating his problems: ?«You have not gone through difficulties yet, and your problems are not enough to end your life?». How many times have you reduced your problems, your distress, and your grief? Imagine, these people question the seriousness of the suicidal motives of suicide. Know that you can not assume the strength or weakness of the causes of suicidal person you did not live his feelings, and evaluate his motives that it does not deserve. The crisis is not the size of its problems, but in the negative psychological impact on this person. Let him feel your fear of any harm that may touch him, let him feel the attention in the tone of your voice, and that he does not face this world alone, you are with him, patient and sympathetic, receptive to the dark side in his soul, and will not stand when reducing his crisis.

You selfish: No one should be accused of wanting to commit suicide selfishly, and hurt feelings around him, he knows. If the world stood against him, he felt more lonely and needed to rid the world of his harm, and try to commit suicide again and get a better result this time. What could be a stronger cause of suicide if he were to blame if you cause harm to those you love, everyone hate you?

You are weak-willed: Attempted suicide does not express his personality, but one of the symptoms of his illness, is not a weak suicide does not have the will and selfishness, but it is a member of us, a member of our community, a lover of those around him, seeking to prove himself, now is the most appropriate time to remind him what he forgot , Do not leave him alone, and get rid of all the tools that he may use in hurting himself, such as poisons, firearms, and sharp.

People around us need to feel loved, including caring for their loved ones, being a real family or friends around them prevents them from thinking about harming themselves, they need to hear words of appreciation, a sense of interest, that crises can be solved, that we are together for this.

Show sympathy and do not advise: You are not alone, I am here for you. These words are much stronger than counseling to fix the current problem that prompted him to think about suicide. For example, if a person is upset about his wife who left him, do not say: There are other fish in the sea, or a bad person, or tell him the story of your cousin who left his wife and traveled and married a foreign blonde. This is neither the time nor the place to do it. This person only needs a friend to help him move from this difficult stage, then think about the solution later, and you can be that person if you can offer sympathy and support.

A statement of his desire to commit suicide A cry for help: There is a legend that if a person decides to kill himself, there is no power to prevent him; but the fact is that the survival of this person so far is evidence of a weak desire within him to survive. Suicide is contrary to desires, part of it wants to live, and part wants to die immediately to get rid of psychological pain, if your friend tells you that he wants to commit suicide, the part that addresses you is the one who wants to live, and that helps you to help him, and improve dealing with him, Confirmation, however negatively affected by his talk and plans, make sure he tries, and that he wishes a help from you.

Ask the person: Do you want to commit suicide? Yes Some people believe in myth: If you talk to him about suicide, it gave him motivation to implement. Suicide is a word we hear every day, read on Facebook and Twitter. If you ask someone who you want, you really help him, take care of him, take his words seriously, and you are ready to face his pain with him and give him an opportunity to dump his bad feelings towards himself and his life. Rescuers seek help from others because they may bring more pain, describe them as stupid and unbelieving, reject others, influence their studies or threaten their work, or feel pity rather than love.

Suicide is considered preventable, There are a many of measures that can be taken at the population, sub-population and individual levels to prevent suicide and suicide attempts. These include:

  • Reducing access to means of suicide (such as pesticides, firearms, and certain medicines)
  • Preparation of responsible reporting media
  • Apply alcohol policies to reduce the harmful use of alcohol
  • Diagnosis, treatment and early care for people with mental disorders or disorders caused by substance abuse, chronic pain and acute emotional disorders.
  • Training non-specialist health workers in the assessment and management of suicidal behavior.
  • Provide follow-up care to persons who commit suicide and provide community support.
  • Suicide is a complex issue. Suicide prevention efforts therefore require coordination and cooperation among many sectors of society, including the health sector and other sectors such as education, labor, agriculture, justice, law, defense, politics and media. These efforts should be comprehensive and integrated as no approach can alone affect a complex issue such as the issue of suicide.

In the above, we summarize that suicide is one of the negative behaviors that indicate that the provider is a weak person who has exhausted all her energies and is not renewable and is part of the group. This is selfish in the first place, even if the competent authorities have signed the reservoir of disease and the apparent or repressed reasons, the key necessarily leads to lamentation on what this individual has reached. The phenomenon is more defeatist than noble, If we imagine that everyone who stands in the way of a difficult dilemma is going to commit suicide to destroy all mankind, according to the saying, “”I think so, I’m here”” that does not call for rest and retreat, but to think and develop and preserve the inheritance and keep it, It is legal if it is not right. Is the sponsor aware that he is not the property of himself or that he himself belongs to him, and his balance belongs to his family, his family and his community.

Finally, these words to you, who spoke suicide yourself, I tell you from the bottom of heart that those who sacrificed themselves and the hearts of loved ones with them, if they come back to life will realize how wrong they were and what they did.

Live and do not care for this world, live your life with everything you own, hold on to your life with both hands do not allow the day to escape without you live, to live a positive participant and not an additional burden on this world, and no matter how difficult you are, face your fear, pain and do not evade, even if your pain reaches the sky, and remember, no one will help you to rise unless you help yourself, even if you make your decision and commit suicide, the world will not be affected by your departure. Bring the world to your life and resist the difficulties and obstacles that stand in your way, if you want to defeat it really, to continue in your life and resist all the reasons for leaving, death is coming, so why you hurry!

Oliver Wendell Holmes said,Death tugs at my ear and says, ‘Live. I am coming.

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