Attempted Suicide

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Suicide is responsible for numerous deaths all over the world sparking arguments in weather action should be taken against people attempting to commit suicide. While sometimes he reasons for attempting suicide can be understood, there is not enough justification for the actions. Sucide attempts should be illegal, and people who survive such incidences should have actions taken against them l. The continued failure to develop a policy against such cases leads to the influx of such cases. In the event suicide is deemed illegal, many people may be discouraged from taking actions towards that direction.

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“Attempted Suicide”

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First, human life has to be protected at all cost. Even though people are trying to take their own lives, it does not mean that they should have the liberty to commit suicide. This menance should further be categorized under the procession of murder and should be treated as such in the prosecution of the cultprit. While it is not possible to charge people under the law for commuting suicide, it is possible to hold those that survive such attempts. Prosecuting people who attempt suicide would be considerable step towards discouraging further efforts in the future. Additionally, people have varied reasons for trying to take their lives (Cluveretal.53). In his regard, it is possible to discourage people from the vice and encourage them to find different solutions to their problems rather than causing themselves harm. The causation of such intentional damage to an individual is wrong in many cultures around the world as well as religious beliefs. The support against such practices by almost all religious and cultural groups in the world warrants the determination of its originality hence supporting the prosecution of survivors.

Secondly, attempting suicide has grave implications not only to the person but also to the people around them. The injuries caused by various kinds of attempts impact the lives of the person through physical, mental and emotional damage that may be difficult to heal. Thus, the individual had diminished the capacity to be a productive member of the community. Their quality of life from then on is reduced substantially. In addition, the damage caused could lead to further negative implications on the friends and families (Mars et al.5). The repercussions could range from emotional harm, increased anxiety, and additional financial constraints that may arise in the form of hospital bills for the individual success, the people close to them are significantly impacted by the loss of the loved one and even cause trauma l. Attempts of suicide should there for be discouraged through all possible means.

Thirdly, people often attempt to kill theme selves for reasons that may be personal and can find alternative solutions. Usually, mental health issues that the person are not able to address or diagnosed propel the attempts. Such matters may include clinical depression (Auetal.581). People get depressed for various reasons such as loss of a loved one, financial problems, emotional issues and trauma. Most of these are mental health issues that can be addressed, and viable solutions can be developed. With proper help, the individual may find a solution to their temporary problem. In this regard, the suicide attempts may be pronounced as illegal as a measure of encouraging mental health treatments. Mental health problems may be mitigated, reduced, managed and sometimes wholly cured. The most significant issue in this regard is the preference for permanent solutions to temporary problems. However, there are issues regarding the determination of the attempts as illegal. For a reason something should be discouraged it does not translate that it should be deemed illegal.

However, it could be argued that people do not know what happens after death; therefore prohibiting suicide it would be limiting the theological beliefs of some people. Many religious have varied beliefs on the successions or migration into another world. The individual willing to undertake such an action with the aim of reaching the next phase of their beloved perception of death would inhibit their right to religion which is universal (Douglas l, 30). In this respect, it is not morally right to rob the individual of their right to hold on to such a theological belief also l, others could add to the claim the forcing people to wait until that had a natural death to gain the next level of life according to their belief is dehumanizing to a certain degree.

This claims however rational is not feasible while people should not be robbed and confined within specific para meters of law infringing in their religious beliefs People should be discourage from those kinds of beliefs that they proclaim to have. I believe that causes one to Harm themselves is not a reasonable belief. Such actions should be strongly advise against the individuals should not be forced rather strongly recommended and guided towards a better life in addition discouraging such beliefs ensures that future generations do not inherit such ideas that are detrimental to them. the argument against attempted suicide are considerable with limited arguments that could convince of its appropriateness or the right to commit such an action.

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