National Institute of Mental Health Can Help with Suicide

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How can you help with depression? There are many things to look out for and things to know when it comes to depression. You need to know the symptoms, things you can do to help, warning signs, and how you can get informed. All of these things can help when trying to help someone through or getting through depression.

Many symptoms of someone having depression include not being interested in anything, or even always being sleepy or wanting to sleep. When someone has depression they are usually very slow and quiet. They won’t talk to many people but they will always try and make you think everything is ok. We need to be watching out for people like this who are having symptoms like these so we can help them so that they do not go to the extremes. I think one reason a lot of peoples’ depression turns into suicide because no one helps them and gets them the help they need.

Many people you have depression do not know how to get help. There are many things out there that can help you to get out of depression. There are sleeping scheduals that can help you there are diets that can help you there are a bunch of different things but one thing that helps the most people is the suicide prevention helpline. This source not only helps with suicide but also depression. All that the suicide prevention helpline is a phone number that you call and you can get help from other people. These people are trained to help you feel better about yourself and to not go to the extremes as to killing yourself.

Along with symptoms there are warning signs. If you see these signs you need to tell someone that you know can help them. Some warning signs include higher anger or irritability levels, appetite or weight changes, and self loathing(strongly thinking that you are worthless. All of these are warnings these are the very few things that show that the level of depression in this person is high. So as human beings we need to be looking out for these things.

There are many was to be informed about depression and what levels of depression there are in the world. One key website/organization is the NIMH(National Institute of Mental Health) when you go to their website there is a lot of information about how depression affects people you have it and what you can do to help. There are many other ways to get informed but this is just one of them you could even go to you local doctors office and they might be able to give you a little information about what it is the symptoms and warning signs.

Ultimately we need to help people you are struggling with depression as much as we can. Depression is something that America struggles a lot with and we need to be able to do anything we can to help. We need to know the symptoms, the warning signs we need to be informed and know how to help. Many people all over America are not getting the help that they need a deserve so lets do your part and give back to the comunity.

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