Suicide Rate is Going up

Depression is feelings of sad, and self-doubt. More than 16 million people suffer from depression in the United States alone. Depression makes you feel very sad and nothing really makes you happy. If affects all kinds of people, men, women, teenagers and some kids, it is mainly prevalent in women. In some cases there are longer cases of depression and lasts around two years, it affects 3.3 million Americans.

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“Suicide Rate is Going up”

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My first main point is the symptoms of depression, if you have depression you might feel sleepy all the time or fatigued a lot, you may also feel a lack of concentration and also may have thoughts of suicide. If you feel sleepy or are fatigued a lot it doesn’t mean you have depression, it might just mean you are not getting enough sleep or if you are fatigued you might just be out of shape. If you have thoughts of suicide you should find someone who is close to you and tell them that you are feeling sad and talk to them about your feelings.

My second point is what depression is like, if you have depression then you will think that you have no hope of getting out of the sad state you are in, but there is hope because you can get through it. You might also have anxiety because it will give you feelings of panic, danger or dread. It can also make you breathe harder and increase your heart rate, it can also make you sweat hard because you are nervous.

My third point is different types of depression and what causes it. The most common type of depression is Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), it have the effects of a depressed mood, changes in weight and sleep. Another common type of depression is Persistent Depressive Disorder. It can last for over two years and has the same symptoms of MDD but just last a lot longer. Not many people seek help and that is why I think the suicide rate is going up.

My final point is how to get help if you feel depressed or ways to help get out of depression. If you are feeling depressed then you should find some help, some people that will help are the people close to you because they know you the best. Some ways to get out of a depression is get exercise because that will get you out of your comfort zone and help you interact with people and get you mind off of things for a bit, it will possibly make you a happier person also.

In conclusion, those are my four points of depression and also how to get help if you are suffering with depression. Depression is a serious thing and should be taking seriously because it is affecting millions of Americans and other people worldwide.

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