Suicide Awareness and Prevention Within High Schools

Overview of the topic

Suicide is the number two cause of death in America amongst young adolescent teens, and yet we still seem to ignore mental health issues. As if they aren’t a major problem within our society. Suicide is a taboo subject for most, and I’d like to ask why is that? People seem afraid to talk about suicide awareness and suicide prevention. We need to be more open about depression and mental health issues all together. Students going through a hard time feeling as if they have nothing to live for need to know that suicide isn’t the only option for them. They need to know that there are people that care about them and they aren’t alone in the world.

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“Suicide Awareness and Prevention Within High Schools”

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My Goal

  • to give tips on how teachers and parents can help students in their time of need.
  • to share information on suicide prevention hotlines so always students have someone to talk to.
  • to discuss the signs of a depressed and maybe even suicidal teen.
  • to provide viable options for teens and parents to seek help together at home
  • to provide schools with information to be able to help students cope with day to day life.


My targeted audience for my research paper is meant for School faculty, Concerned parents, and they students themselves. I want to ensure that my paper will have the most powerful impact on changing how we feel about teen suicide. Also, to show how we can help students cope with the stress of everyday life. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst young teens. My audience are the ones who can see the signs, and after reading my research proposal they may be able to notice the signs and saves some lives before it’s too late.


I want to give parents and teachers the resources they need to help students cope with their depression. Our minds don’t finish developing until our early adulthood, with their brains not developing until later life. It can be hard for a young adolescent to process what’s going on within their own mind. They need guidance on how to cope with their mental issues. Depression needs to be more than just an issue the student’s guidance counselor comes into talk to them for one class period a year. Depression is a stigma in our society, no one wants to talk about it and we just leave it in the dark and to students who seek out help we say, It’s just a phase, you’ll get over it.

Early Research

My research started with doing some simple google research on suicide statistics in adolescent teens. This was just to get a better grasp and understanding on the topic I’ve chosen to talk about. After defining exactly what I wanted to write about. I went to the Mstate library academic resources. Using the Ebsco Host Academic search engine. I came across so much information on my topic it was difficult to decide what information I wanted to use on my research paper. While scrolling through the seemingly endless archive of data, I noticed every document was very well written and very professional and informative. I plan on using a lot of information I found to provide a backbone for my paper.

Annotated Working Bibliography

McArt, Ebba W., et al. Developing an Educational Workshop on Teen Depression and Suicide: A Proactive Community Intervention. Child Welfare, vol. 78, no. 6, Nov. 1999, pp. 793“806. EBSCOhost, direct=true&db=keh&AN=2509069&site=ehost-live. This article talks about some workshops or programs offered to help discuss youth mental health problems. It went over how they wanted to create more mental health crisis option for young teens. They discussed ideas that might work in providing aid to our youth. This article provided some insight on some new ideas on how we can help our youth, I will be using this information in my research paper

Stone, Deborah M., et al. Vital Signs: Trends in State Suicide Rates – United States, 1999-2016 and Circumstances Contributing to Suicide – 27 States, 2015. MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, vol. 67, no. 22, June 2018, pp. 617“624. EBSCOhost, doi:10.15585/mmwr.mm6722a1. This article gives a detailed account of suicide statistics. It was a study over 17 years that showed a very detailed account of the increase of suicides across many states. I will be using this information as a solid backbone to my research paper.

Torcasso, Gina, and Lori Hilt. Suicide Prevention Among High School Students: Evaluation of a Nonrandomized Trial of a Multi-Stage Suicide Screening Program. Child & Youth Care Forum, vol. 46, no. 1, Feb. 2017, pp. 35“49. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1007/s10566-016-9366-x. This article provided professional information on programs that can be used to help stop teen suicides. It went into depth on how we need to see the signs and what the signs are. I will be using this article in my paper because it provided very well written information in a professional and easy to understand way.

Understanding the Teen Brain . Ice Packs vs. Warm Compresses For Pain – Health Encyclopedia – University of Rochester Medical Center, It went in depth of how the teen brains and functions. It also gave some tips on how parents can help their children deal with depression. It also included some signs of depression. It provided good information, it was easy to read and understand. I plan on using a lot of this information within my research paper as it provided information in a professional way. I plan on using this information in explain what depression does to the teens brain.

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