Preventing Serious Problem Teenage Suicide

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I received a preventing suicide education four times a year at the school. However, I didn’t know how serious this problem is. According to reports on suicide rates between the ages of fifteen and nineteen, suicide rates doubled in eight years. Also, teenagers commit suicide five per 100,000. However, we can prevent suicide by using applications and parents looking carefully and realizing sign of suicide.

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“Preventing Serious Problem Teenage Suicide”

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Suicide caused because there are problems which teenage can not cope with. First, according to a study, more than 75 percent students who commit suicide are depressed. Depression caused by sudden change of school or home. If there are financial problem at home, they can’t deal with the problem, so they think the suicide. Also, there is pressure of success. Parents and teachers expect about their grades. To come up to their expectation, teenage study hard. Then, they can get great pressure. Except sudden change and pressure of success, there are feelings of doubt oneself and difficulties of school life.

Suicide have a lot of problems and increases more and more. However, there are solutions to prevent committing suicide. First, parents look carefully and recognized the sign of suicide. When I received education about suicide at school, every instructor said that realizing sign of suicide is important. Sign of suicide is changing of sleep and eating habits, escaping from friends or family and usage of alcohol and drug. if we found that sign and help them, we can prevent committing suicide. Second, we can use applications which are able to prevent suicide. There are BRITE and YAM. YAM is the most effective application in Sweden which prevent suicide.

Suicide is one of the serious social problems. We can solve it by using applications and looking carefully and realizing the sign of suicide. Suicide rises more and more, but we can stop tragedy of teenager’s suicide by ourselves.

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