Untreated Depression and Suicide

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Did you know that 14.8 million americans suffer from depression? Depression is a side effect of low self esteem. Depression is feelings of severe despondency and dejection. This basically means being sad or being in a low spirit all the time.

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“Untreated Depression and Suicide”

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Depression usually starts during childhood. However most people don’t actually act depressed or become depressed till they are in there late teens to early 20s. Depression is a lot more common now than it ever has been in adults and teens. Studies show that people in the 2010’s are a lot more likely than in the 1980’s when the last study was taken. 2010’s kids also are 38% more likely to have trouble remember stuff and 78% more likely to have trouble sleeping.

Some studies say one of the reasons depression is getting worst in modern people then it was back in the day is because of technology and social media. The studies say because so many people are on social media and post pictures of themselves so people will like them more or think of them a different way. Studies show that people who use the most social medias (seven to 11) had more than three times the risk of depression as those who don’t.

Depression is the cause of about 30,000 suicides per year in the USA. Untreated depression in the top risk for suicide with kids. And suicide is the number 3 leading cause of death for 15-24 years olds males behind homicide and car accidents. It is also the 4th leading cause of death for 10-14 year olds.

DBSA says, Up to 80% of those treated for depression show an improvement in their symptoms generally within four to six weeks of beginning medication.” Meaning if you have depression more likely than not on the right medicine and treatments you can be better within 6 weeks. However even knowing this 2 out of 3 people with depression won’t go see help about it and never get better. And for the 20% of people who don’t get better in the 6 weeks 50% of the time it’s because they won’t take their medicine.

So all in all depression is dangerous and if you have it tell someone because more than likely if you do what your told then you can get better. Maybe if the 14.8 million americans that had depression just talked about their problems to someone and got the help they needed it wouldn’t be such a big problem anymore. And as an result of this there would be less suicides. 

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