Ugandan Education System

Ugandan education system isn’t the most proficient. Although there are many schools in Uganda, most children cannot get to the schools safely. The route to a lot of the schools includes many obstacles that aren’t very safe, and the parents of the children don’t want to put their children in danger, so they don’t send them to school. The parents that do send their kids through the savannah are always worrying about their children’s safety. In the movie “On the Way to School”, a movie about the hardships children all over the world face on their way to school, you see two siblings in Africa that are faced with many challenges getting to school. They have to always be aware of their surroundings, and the dangerous animals lurking in the grass.

When the children actually get to the school, most of the buildings are just shacks. The floor is dirt, and the classroom are super crowded. Some don’t even have buildings to meet in, so they teach outside. Teachers usually don’t get paid hardly anything, and don’t have the best education themselves. The ratio of students to teachers is 43:1. That means that there are 43 students per teacher. That is a huge amount of students to teach, and not enough teachers. The most common situation is students of all ages stuffed into one classroom, and one teacher to try and handle them all. The teaching conditions need to be greatly improved if Uganda wants to have an educated society.

The classes being taught in Uganda are classes taught everywhere else. It includes math, science, physics, English, French, history, geography, literature, and political education. The students learn about all of these subjects, some more than others. They might be taught different than most places, but they are learning the basics. Studies show that there are more girls kept at home doing house work than girls actually going to school. This means that some children aren’t being educated, and probably never will. Some main reasons parents don’t send their children to school is either financial troubles, they need help to work on the farm/house, or the kids just don’t want to go.


The presidential system of Uganda is very interesting. The president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni; head of state and Commander-of- Chief of the Armed Forces, is the first president of Uganda. He runs a republic government, with the prime minister, Ruhakana Rugunda second in command. The way Museveni runs the government is pretty similar to the way most African countries do. He takes charge of everybody and tells them what he needs them to do so that the country will work. It works pretty well, people listen to him because they trust him and know that he will lead them to success.

One way Museveni helps his country is by making sure the police are doing their jobs. There are many policies the officers have to go by. Some very important rules the police have to follow are that the force is of character and national composition, and to discipline officers who have done wrong. There have been accusations against the Ugandan police that are absolutely horrible, and sometimes they are true. It may seem like Uganda doesn’t know how to run the police correctly, but no one is perfect. The police have to protect themselves from the riots and gangs, sometimes that means they have to fire their guns. The government is trying their best to control the violent protests and threats.

Congress in Uganda is different from other countries. They have a Uganda People’s Congress. The UCP has a flag that stands for what they believe in. Black is for African personality, red, like the Ugandan flag, is for human equality and brotherhood, and blue is for peace and justice. They have many rules that they try to fulfill as congress. They will always try to unite Uganda as one, freedom of conscience,no discrimination of color, religion, gender, or culture, and many other standards they try to abide by. This is very important as there are many unique cultures in Uganda. The UCP is trying hard to follow these standards as carefully as they can.


Jobs are very essential to the economy of Uganda. Most of the people in Uganda are farmers or harvesters, and are doing quite well. The farmers are growing high-value crops, such as mushrooms which are considered a delicacy, so they are making a lot of money for their families. Bananas are one of the most popular crops in Uganda, so banana farming is a very high profitable business. Farmers growing corn and tomatoes are usually doing well financially. Honey is very popular in Uganda, which means beekeepers are getting good salaries, which is good for the economy. Farmers with cows, poultry, and pigs do really well money wise because of the constant demand for meat.

Mining in Uganda is a highly profitable industry for the workers and the country in general. Uganda is home to the most top ten expensive metals in the world. Mines produce loads of gold, diamond, iron, zinc, and copper that they sell for a lot of money all over the world. This benefits the economy because diamonds aren’t easily found in other parts of the world, so they sell it for a lot of money because people will buy it. A lot of minerals, clays, and a ton more natural resources are found there too that they sell for not as much as diamonds, but they still get money for them.

There is a huge cement plant in Uganda that produces a lot of money for the government. Uganda sells that cement to all over Africa and makes a huge profit. In April 2018, the stock dropped and the company lost a lot of money. The owners and workers blamed it on the reduced electricity to the cement plant. Since then, the stock has skyrocketed and they are in high demand. This is perfect for the economy because they can charge however much they want and people will buy it. It would be horrible if it was the other way, but thankfully it is just where it needs to be.

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