Types of Information and Main Purposes of an Organisation

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Report on Types of information and main purposes of an organization.   Acknowledgwment My grateful thanks go to my subject teacher Ismat Jahan, Teacher Of Business Communication at BAC. A big contribution and hard worked from you during the twelve week is very great indeed. All projects and assingments during the program would be nothing without the enthusiasm and imagination from you. Besides, this internship program makes me realized the value of working together as a team and as a new experience in working at a corporate environment, which challenges me every minute. Not to forget, great appreciation goes to the rest of ACI Foods and ESP guitar Staff that helped me from time to time during the project. The whole program really brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendship and respect of each other and it was a great pleasure to working with the team. I would also like to thanks my friends especially those who helped me to collect the informations of ESP guitar Limited. Corporate Information In 1975, the UK based multinational musical company, Established a subsidiary in Dhaka, known as ESP Bangladesh Manufactures Limited. It was listed public limited company under Dhaka stock Exchange. In 1993, ESP is the first company in Bangladesh to obtain certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 1995. In 1996 the LTD series was created to produce ESP at a moe affordable price .In 2002 ESP was ranked among the music industry fastest growing companies. This is largely due to the fender buyout . The custom shop and original series ESP are handcrafted in japan while the standard series ESP are factory made in Objectives of the study

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“Types of Information and Main Purposes of an Organisation”

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  • Broad Objective: Understand different types of business information; Be able to present business information effectively; Understand the issues and constraints in relation to the use of business information in organizations.
  • Specific Objective: Types of information, purpose of information, source of information; Presentation methods to meet the needs of the users, output requirements, presenting corporate communication; Legal Issues of business information in organization, operational Issues in organization.


  • Secondary method

Information is being taken from both Internet and Book, but mostly Internet. Limitations of the study It was quite hard to collect the information .Because it was needed to check whether the information is authentic or not, checking books, studying the biography of the organization and a lot many things. Corporate Information In 1975, the UK based multinational musical company, Established a subsidiary in Dhaka, known as ESP Bangladesh Manufactures Limited. It was listed public limited company under Dhaka stock Exchange. In 1993, ESP is the first company in Bangladesh to obtain certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 1995. In 1996 the LTD series was created to produce ESP at a moe affordable price .In 2002 ESP was ranked among the music industry fastest growing companies. This is largely due to the fender buyout . The custom shop and original series ESP are handcrafted in japan while the standard series ESP are factory made in japan. P1: Complete the table like the one below to show the types, sources and purposes of information used within your selected organization. Try to include at least two examples of each type of information. Organization : ESP guitar Limited

Type of information Example Description Purpose Source
Verbal Meeting Interview It helps to discuss and taking decisions with all the members of department at a time , at a place. It’s face to face communication , where the interviewer describes him/herself. It will help to know the current flow of customers thinking about the product and quality they are providing , so , that they can take the upcoming decisions gently. To know the background of the interviewer , instant feedback Customer services department Human Resource department
Written Letter Report It is paper where all the things are written in words and numerical giving details about the topic. It is the paper where all the details are provided completely. It helps to get the complete information of the topic. Giving complete details of the records and customers feedback, so it can be easy to catch the problems and understand instantly. Market research Sales department
On-screen Advertising Bill boards It is mainly displayed on television even by leaflets too. It provides the new images of a new product giving details about that. It helps the people to know about product provided by the organization. It helps to attract people to buy or think about the product. Customer service Production cost
Multimedia Video Audio This helps to show any project arranging it properly and also. Helps to catch it instantly and nicely. Instant feedback by members or employees in the company. Helps to make remember and clear information. Market research Customer service
Web-based E-mail Video conferencing This is the way to communicate with the members or employees safely. Instant communicate and immediate feedback . Helps the people to get details by hand authentic information. Helps to collect information authentically. Human resource Government source

P2 Data Protection Act :

  • As the world has become more reliant on technology,high-tech secrets,payment card data,employee and customer information,and other personal information.The data should be accurate where necessary and kept up to data.
  • Other relevant legislation computer misuse:
  • Using computer illegally is against the law,employees must not make change in any things regarding computer system.Using softwares inproperly and helping others to collect information outside the organization can pour the company to hot water,changing any part strictly restricted.
  • Freedom of Information:
  • They must provide this information when requested but also keep this information up to date and regulated so that it is accurate.

What are ethical issues ? Email and internet:

  • Email and internet are integral parts of typical workers daily routine,many employees are using email and the internet for just business however the problem arise.when employees use business resources for non business related taks,therefore business responding to legal risks by proactively combating problems more employees with internet access and email at work,which gives them a new way to cause potentionl problem for their employees.
  • Organisational policies:
  • Organisational must have the practices of doing work more ethically which leads them to do the business fair.Its just a ensuring the current news of market,collecting information which helps the organization what to do next for the company.
  • Information Ownership:
  • This states that,the information which has been given or the data by whom it is made must be responsible.Suppose if he/she makes a report that must be legal and valid company wont take the risk of fraudness if then he/she will face the penalties.

HOW HAS IT BEEN MARKETED : Guitars are our passion. Since 1975 has created numerous iconic inistruments for legendary players. Spanning every genre of music. Our decades of experience in the design and manufacture guitars and basses has allowed us to provide the best options for us as a player. Bangladesh is now rich in music. ESP one of the best quality full guitar Bangladesh.now so many legend are using ESP guitar and buying from Bangladesh. In 1990 ESP guitar 1st time entered in Bangladeshi musical market.And day by day ESP guitar popular to the Bangladeshi musician just because good quality and good sound. HOW EFFECTIVE WAS THE MARKET:

  • Esp guitar give us best quality guitar sound in low prices. Day by day Bangladeshi musician buying ESP guitar from Bangladeshi musical market. ESP guitar provide highest quality attractive look impressive performance. And they made best guitars that’s why ESP guitars to much effective to the customers and the market.The ESP guitar features a basswood body. And a bolt on naple neek with roseswood fretboard providing comfort and speed. Sawtooth inbyes and black hardware complement the rest of the ESP guitar look perfectly. A double locking.ESP guitars tuners ensure that spot on on im tune every key. ESP guitar so much effective in market because ensure the snakeebyte was ready for wild and aggressive players.


  • Esp guitars provide best guitars comparing to others. ESP guitars give us better customer services to comparing others guitars company. That’s why ESP guitar calculating profit.And other guitar company calculating lose. Day by day customers demand getting higher popularty getting incrassed gradually. Customers thinking more about ESP and buying ESP.Because ESP guitar full fill customers choice customers demand and making good product for customers. That’s why day by day ESP guitar market getting higher. And customars also happy with buying ESP guitars.

P6 Explain the operational issues in relation to the use information :

  • Business have to mange,store and collect lots of information. Information system have two principals issues of ensuring that one is that organization recive information.A number of of policies and procedures have to be put in place. Concerning security of information.Health and safety,backup,business continuance plan,cost and increasing sophistication.
  • Health and safety:
  • The health and safety(Display screen equipment)Regulations 1992 this is the minimum requipment laid down in this schedules.The equipment and the interface between the computer and oparetor. Another is the mangment of health and safety at work regulations.Every employer shall provide his employees with his comprehensible.
  • Backups:
  • Which can be then easily backed up later.these are the operational issuses which are stores on separate hardware from live versions of the information.


  • Company always think about their profit.Many aspects of information mangment can cost money,which cannot be bear by all, therefore, a question will there be any profit expening on the things like small , copies of electronic information on a remote server.Thats why the business main two consideration.
  • Cost of development :
  • Company think about the product.And company need to improve themselves or not.
  • Additional resourse needed:
  • Makes the company think about any new staff or employee need or not.
  • Business continuance plan:
  • Company always thinking about the product existence. It is also considering about the problem risks to the company to hot water about the personal data. And they are always storing in their

Recommendations ESP first should justify about the potential customers. Though, the brand is mainly targeted the heavy metal, black metal ,trash metal . But they must be very careful about maintaining the customers. ESP should develop the product quality according to the difference from the competitors. And if there no strong solid pints then the customers won’t choose the product and the sales will not be up to the expectations. On TV it has been well advertised but they should highlight the information on the newspaper, radio and billboard advertising which is not up to the satisfactory. They should change the distribution system of the brand. And they should create a hope in the people’s mind that they can distribute the product at any time any where. They should also fulfill the lacking in the organization. Conclusion ESP is operating its Alexi and Ltd brand in a very competitive saturated market. IN this market consumers are not well aware of the brands operating and only two or three brands have top of the mind positioning. This is very tough to make a separate positioning in the market and create certain points of differences. ESP brand has positioned well in the market. Still, Alexi brand could positioned in a better way since ESP has a good corporate image and financial backup as well. They should also focus on the competitors are doing. In this respect price is the most important issue. ESP should try to minimize its production cost of Alexi and try to sell it at lowest it at lowest possible price as the entire competing brand selling the product of almost same benefit. Consumers are likely to consider price as the decision making tool when they buy. So, price should get highest priority when it is set. References Anon, (2014). https://www.espguitars.com/. Anon, (2014). . https://www.espguitars.com/

SN Topic Pages
1. Chapter 1: Introduction 1
i. Introduction
2. Chapter 2: Background of the Study 2
i. Objectives of the Study
ii. Methodology
iii. Limitation of the Study
3. Chapter 3: Organization Overview 3-5
i. Corporate Information
ii. Organization Structure
iii. Objective of ‘X’
iv. Missions
v. Vision
vi. Products and Services
4. Chapter 4: Analysis and Findings 6-13
i. P1
ii. P2
iii. P5
iv. P6
5. Chapter 5: Recommendation 14
6. Chapter 6: Conclusion 15
7. Chapter 7: References & Bibliography 16

Introduction Business communication is the sharing of information between people within an organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of an organistaion which relays information within a business or a function as an official statement from a company. It can also be refer as internal communication that takes place within the organization. There are two types of business communication in an organization.

  • Internal communication.
  • External communication.

Internal Communication The communication that is being within the organization is called “Internal communication”. It can be any type informal, formal function, or department providing communication in various forms to employees. External Communication The communication which is related outside the organization is called “External Organization”. Supervisors communicate with sources outside the organization, such as customers. It leads to both sales volume and company profits.

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