Collection of Information and its Data Types

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Types of Data

In this report, I have used two kinds of Research Methods:

1. Basic Research Method

2. Quantitative Research Method.

1. Basic Research Method:

In this report, the fundamental intent to utilize the essential research technique is to examine the Electronic Vehicle's market position in India and what are the progressions we have to do to improve the market position later on. This Research is useful to upgrade my aptitudes and to break down the future market pattern. Furthermore, this examination helps in contemplating purchaser conduct concerning Electronic Vehicles.

2. Quantitative Research Methods:

I will gather the information using polls/reviews being conveyed to organizations that utilization or conceivably utilize Electronic Vehicles or the individuals who are associating with this business. I will utilize these equivalent polls/overviews in making cold pitches and doing telephone meets in searching out information. It will simple for the respondent to top off the survey and submit it on the web, the consequence of which was sparing time and arrive at most extreme respondents. When the surveys have been restored, these will be joined with the information and get precise and one of a kind information identified with our theme. Data Collection

There are two sources of Data collection

1. Primary Data

2. Secondary Data

In this research, I will use primary and secondary sources of data collection so that I will get proper and unique data.

Primary Data: The direct information will gather by us through different sources. The Sources of essential information are the testing units picked. I will utilize the survey strategy for gathering the essential information Devices for gathering essential information Interview technique A Questionnaire of 16 Questions will plan for which fitting choices were made accessible for respondents to choose from. The poll was made with the assistance of Google Docs which was in the configuration of Electronic Survey Form. It was anything but difficult to send the structure through mail or the number of clients. Aside from this, the Questionnaire was effectively transferred on long range interpersonal communication destinations. Secondary data In secondary data, I will use Journals, Internet, Newspaper, and Reports, etc. and collect the relevant data for the report. Data Analysis In this Research Report I will follow there are two Data Analysis Method:

1. Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis:

Measurable Analysis assists in recognizing the situation of Electronic Vehicles Market in India. It assists with giving information to the assistance of Charts, Graphs. In the wake of gathering the information I will show the information in the diagram and pie graph, Pivot table organization with the goal that we can get precise quantities of our review.

2. Content Analysis.

Content Analysis:

Content Analysis help to securitizing the data in a good manner, after doing a survey I need to systematically arrange the data as per there responds. Which content relevant which is not it will also identify in this method. As per the questionnaire result, I will find out the conclusion.


The topic I chose to explore throughout this project will be the Electronic Vehicle Market in India. The EV market needs for hours and the Indian Government has big plans for the emerging Electric Vehicles and its technologies within the country. The core subject matter is to forecast market conditions concerning Automobile Industry (E-Vehicles). My basic aim beyond this research is to analyze the Current Situation and developments in India's electric vehicle market. During the study of this project, it is noticed that the Government of India also promotes E- Vehicles in a country intending to reduce pollution. The growing environmental consciousness and seeing the adverse effects of global climate change, the government of India is supporting initiatives for the development of eco-friendly mobility solutions including electric vehicles.

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