Introduction to Business Information Systems

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  INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS   Q1. Transactional information system, it is day by day processing, while the information must be updated and available for all users, this type of information is made by the operational level in the organization. The responsible for this type of information is to record the daily works of the company and the pressing that happened daily. It is also work in the store information in the transactional database, because it is used in the executive function and for design recording -repeated performance. So that it is used to analyze the daily sales and production schedual so that they will know how much they have is the store and what is the available stouck in the store from our company. There are many examples of the transasitional informational like the shopping in the market filing the petrol tank of the car or it could be also the daily work of any normal Analytical information it is the way that you achieve your goal and how to make your goal face the light. It is made by the top level in the organization and the middle level supervisor. The op level of the company always wait for her feedback or any comment for the operational level because they are the part of the company of organization who deal directly with the customer, so that if there is any comment they made a meeting and study the problem to find the proper solution or maybe it will not problem may it be some servers that need to get approved. Alaska department of fish and game they are using the analytical database in their organization, because I think hat such things like making design in the organization must be use the analytical information because they follow up any problem happened around them and try there hard to get the right solutions to help there organization improve. There are many things in the case may approve or leads to that the type of the information that they use it is analytical information. For example” To gather fish escapement information from remote areas, field workers positioned in towers scan refers to visibly count fish. This information is radioed in the next morning.” Q2. Real time information it is immediately updated information, it’s proved so if the any inquiry they request to that is a very fast way because the information is up-to-date and correct. Real time information or what known as high quality information provide very complete information without any missing things, the other things are updated information that we can get it, moreover, is that the information is changed by time and it does not fix, also the type of information is provided unique and not reputed, the last things that the information is always right and full of detail and available in time. High quality information it is very important for any organization because it helps to make a design, because whenever you have complete information without any mistake and it is keeping update that will help to make design as fast as the organization can. Moreover the high quality information can easily improve the selling in the company or help the organization to provide new strategies for selling or get higher profit. Alaskan company tern to work as sell that happened because of a good affect of the high quality information, before they use to deal with bad system which usually make delay and un correction formation but as i say th real time information have help according to the report that came form Alaskan side they say that the processing of the take information and deliver it to the other department , so they was have basically station take the information in a separate way then they send that information to another station in the same company, that was a very bad system every things wasn’t recognised in a very bad way also some times there is a missing information because there was misunderstanding between all the department of the organisation so the delay of the information was lead to hardly make desigen becouse of the missing information to make desigen about the fissh and how to orgnize it. after they face many problem in there company thery choose to tern an use oracle database whcih work basicly under the hight quality information so that was realy help them to go on and orgnize the information ,recoudret,and deliver it in a write way and in apdate maner.on the other hand this new database help to orginze the fish and see under what type thery are in then they recousrthat informationand orgnige each typein thes way, moreover thehade made a live service with provide every singel information about the fish that they have it so that will make the customer know easly about there prouduct by chiking onlie site, the good news that Alaskan company providet is that there is more that 3000 people like ther new way of selling and they use the website to chekh for the fish and the servises. Q3. Real time information it is immediately updated information, it’s proved so if the any inquiry they request to that is a very fast way because the information is up-to-date and correct. real time information is all about providing information about the business and the business transaction in the same time or in imaidet time so that there is no any delay in providing right and accurate information when any one is ask for the decision making. it is very important to be updated in your company so that any thingshappend around you you will know how to make decigen in a right time, also what the real time information provied for you is corrected information whcih will make that save time rather than search for the information and that may not be correct.moreover real tome information also tendsto provied a high quality information whcih again will help to make desegin in the right time. There are five common characteristics of real time information about high quality information: Uniqueness: that the information is very unique and you will not find it anywhere.tat ill ake the information maden spicaly for that organization it self so when ever they want to make any decienthey just take he information that they want it. Completeness: that the information is complete and there no any missing information. Accuracy of information are not enough. They should also be perfectThis means Facts & Figures should not be missing out or hidden. Speak the truththough not totally pointless. Accuracy: that the value of the information is correct. Must be fair and free from bias information. Should not have any calculation and grammar errors. Information comes straight or in writing likely to be much more reliable than comes as the indirectly (from hand to hand) or verbal and to be drawn later time. Timelines: that the information is correct, and the information is updated and ready whenever we want it. The info in a timely manner so the receiver of information has sufficient time to make a decision the appropriate actions Accordingly the information received. information carrying details of of past events earlier in time much less important than recently passed info like newspapers. What is information in a timely time depends on the case to case. Select the appropriate communication channel is essential skill to achieve. Consistency: that the information summary is agreed and very clear. Sends info to the right person. Which means the person who has some control over their the decisions is expected to come out of access to information. So when this five common characteristics are in any informationthat will guaranty that the information that you have it is consider as a high quality information so you are saving time and at the same time you are making a good decegin. So how this five common characteristics of real time information about high quality information To begin with

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  • Completeness: the benefit of the completeness information for Alaskan that when ever any customer ask for any service they can find it because what ever they want to know they will find it, also when they want to say any desigen they will be abel to say it accourding to there complete information.
  • Uniqness: it was like uniqe information for Alaskan they have it about there prouduct and service that they have it .
  • Time line: that was help Alaskan in provide every single information that they collected from the orgnigation in audited manner and just in time there is no delay in provide any update information for any customer.
  • Accuare : the information that provided by Alaskan it correct and avalibel for the customer
  • Consistence: for Alaskan the trust between the organization and the customer it isvery important to makeselling rate go up.

Q4. In the Alaskan case study we can see how the business is tern and be a very good one not like before. So as a summry to what happened in Alaskan they wasent have any database ore ther information which lead to a very por information tranfare etween hem and it is not updated because of uncomplete information that they reciveit from the fisher also the un-uniqe information that they have it ,the last things is the un-timly information that all was strongly effect the way of selling information because customer is alwase ooking for more information and correct at the same time,some customer was asking about the quality, hight,weight and coller. So after that Alaskan side that they have to make data base that will make every things easy to get, I mean they want to get the information that they need it in proficinal way and without any mistake so that they apply oracle database which it it terms help Alaskan to recive complete iformation unige in time and the most importantis the updated. So that system was really use full because it make it easy to transfare the information from department to another without any missing in formation or mistake one. So that this databasewas really help full in that eara of the earth because it was provide a very update information about the type of fish that are in that area. This system helped to know the fish in each season and when fishermen can fish and fishing is a period when mating and when the eggs hatched because this information is useful and necessary to the content of the fate of the future of this region and fish which contain in that region of the Earth. A result of this with providing this system became easy to organize and transfer information to and from fisheries in all transparency and accuracy of the finite, also kept this system on many fish in that region from extinction and also has a system to ensure that fishermen do not lose their jobs and also do not lose the trust of customers. References

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