Links between Organisation Structure and Culture

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Executive Summary The purpose of this research is to help the business (Sumciouz Pastry) to explore the links between the organisation structure and culture and to see how these interact and influence the behaviour of the workforce The senior partner (researcher) of the business consulting firm (Quality Innovators Consulting Agency) will assist the clients (private partners) who are in the process of purchasing the enterprise. The research will be presented in the form of a report. The researcher is to conduct a research for a group of small investors in the purchasing of a small business enterprise. This research can help investors and stakeholders in varying organizations and business industry to extend their knowledge of how organizational culture along with its structure can be effective in their operations as well as the use of appropriate management approaches, leadership styles and motivational theories in order for their businesses to progress successfully. As a student pursuing a career in the field of business this research will serve to increase my knowledge in the capacity of assessing how the link between culture and structure can be effective to organizations. The research design was a quantitative research collected by secondary data gathering. The internet and books were used as it was convenient and effective in the collection of data. The data generated was analyzed and reflected in the results of the report. Due to the fact that the research was that of a quantitative one in nature, the research maybe lacking in terms of getting primary information that would have yield more insight into the research. The researcher found that the business was lacking in terms of putting in place the necessary approach to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the business and that the business has failed to employ any organizational theory to assist in management practices. The researcher recommends that the business utilize the organizational theory in carrying out management duties by the owner of the business so as to facilitate better and improved operations within the business and implement the use of systems approach in dealing with customer orders by putting in place a computer system where customers can make their orders online instead of having to come to the business. The researcher concludes that understanding and using management approaches and applying the appropriate leadership style can impact an organization greatly in terms of achieving success and increased productivity. Analysis and Findings LO2 Understand the different approaches to management and leadership 2.1 Compare the effectiveness of different leadership styles in different organizations There are various leadership styles present within different organizations that can have positive or negative effects on organizations. According to Mind Tools (2014) the three common types of leadership styles are autocratic leaders, democratic leaders, laisser-faire leaders. The autocratic leadership style in a small business operation would be effective in that the decisions made ensures that workers follow a certain line and order and delegates who is in charge thereby allowing smooth operation of the organization. However, in an organization such as a cooperative or a company where democratic leadership style is utilized proves to be effective as it ascertains high productivity and high job satisfaction due to the fact that feedback is given to the leader from interaction with customers and that the employees are included in the decision making process. On the other hand leaders who take on a laisser-faire style may see high productivity as it allows employees to be creative in their work although time management can be an issue if neglected putting the business at risk. Sumciouz Pastry has a democratic style of leadership that allows both the customers and employees to assist in the decision making which has proven to be effective in improving the business operations however; the involvement of customers and employees is to a less extent due to the time in which certain decisions have to be made. 2.2 Explain how organizational theory underpins the practice of management Organizational theory refers to the different ways in which an organization goes about managing its employees and the organization on a whole to achieve its objectives. The theory used by an organization will depend on how it intends to accomplish it goals hence the theory can be goal theory, scientific management theory where management seeks to find the best and easiest way for employees to carry out their tasks and eliminate wastes. The business has not employed any direct organizational theory should they do so in the future the researcher would recommend the use of the scientific management theory. 2.3 Evaluate the different approaches to management used by different organizations According to Cheriam (2013) “bureaucratic approach, Administrative approach, scientific approach” are the approaches to management within organizations. However, there are behavioural approach, quantitative approach that deals with figures and so forth as well as the most recent approach of total quality management where employers or mangers encourage employees to see the product or service they are offering as one so as to ensure that quality is maintained. A manufacturing company may use the TQM approach as they are dealing with goods so as to ensure quality products are made. Sumciouz Pastry owner of the business being that there is no managers engages the scientific approach but is aiming to adapt the systems approach to a lesser extent in the near future so as to deal more effectively with customer orders. Recommendations The researcher would like to suggest the following recommendations of which are:

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“Links between Organisation Structure and Culture”

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  • To utilize the organizational theory in carrying out management duties by the owner of the business so as to facilitate better and improved operations within the business.
  • To encourage the implementation of systems approach in dealing with customer orders by putting in place a computer system where customers can make their orders online instead of having to come to the business.

Conclusion The researcher has concluded that management approaches and the different leadership styles if applied to the correct situation or organization can be beneficial to employees and the organization alike in that it aids in effective leadership as well as successful running of the organization. The different approaches range from bureaucratic to scientific approaches whereas the leadership styles involves autocratic, laisser-faire and autocratic among others. The business has employed the democratic leadership style that includes the involvement of employees and customers. However the business has been lacking in its approach to make the operations more efficient nonetheless measures will be implemented to ensure that efficiency is improved and maintained so as to ensure success of the business on a whole as well as employees in carrying out their different tasks. References George Cheriam. 2013.Various approaches to management. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 20 October 14]. Mind Tools. 2014.Leadership Styles. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 20 October 14]. 1

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