Turning Digital Marketing into a Profit Center

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How do we plan and execute, measure and analyze our digital marketing strategy and campaigns?
Picture this... Your boss asks you about next year’s digital marketing objectives. What are you going to say?
“Well, we looked at last year’s campaigns and they all look amazing. We increased engagement in our websites by 20%, our organic traffic grew by 5%, and our downloads went up to 72,000 . So... we’ll probably go with the same.” For sure, this won’t fly with my boss… Not sure about yours…
Do we know what this even means? Which campaigns brought these numbers? Can we prove it, and then replicate it? What was the ROI? Are last year’s campaigns still relevant?
These are the questions my boss wants answered. Fluffy stuff will kick me out of his office immediately...
After 2 years and a half of intense work hand in hand with you, we managed to create a scalable digital marketing ecosystem which allows us to leverage different platforms across the digital marketing technology stack from CRMs, to Content Management Systems, to marketing automation tools, to webinar providers, media buying platforms and analytics platforms. We are now able to move away from “fluffy KPIs” and turn digital marketing strategies into a profit center for the business. In 2019, working together with business units we managed to:
Create 4M€ in contributed pipeline for Airlines, Corporations and SMEs via digital channels and campaigns (1.7 M€ newly created pipeline through digital marketing activities)
  • Pass 9K leads to sales via Contact Sales forms
  • Generate 1.3M€ in value added and savings from inhouse media buy and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Save 2,6M€ in digital marketing operations
  • Reduce the number of call/tickets per year by 70%
  • Reduce by 80% our IT staff-management cost
  • Reduce by 95% the frequency of unplanned downtime of our digital spaces
  • Improve by 60% our response time to resolve tickets
  • Reduce by 60% our translation time and 40% reduction in translation management cost
This is only the beginning, we are currently working and reviewing your 2020 strategic marketing plans, to evolve our digital marketing strategy. Creating a digital marketing strategy is not something we do once and never return to. It is long-term, but it will need adjusting. It must have a level of flexibility. We need to use what we have learned to achieve the goals you’ve identified as part of your commercial objectives. You can find here some exciting numbers on digital best practices we have learned during our journey here!
Our digital marketing strategy and your marketing plan will work together. They must work together, otherwise we’ll waste resources and we’ll lose focus of our targets and goals.
Looking forward working with you all in 2020!
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