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With the development of modern technology, digital marketing has become an important means of marketing and selling through smartphones and mobile devices, which attract the attention of a large number of shoppers and through the modification and placing orders online, as thousands of students tend to use portable devices for easy access to the products that technology provides, companies and retailers need to know what products are more popular with shoppers, encourage people to save their money, choose the best deals and lower prices. Today, everyone can determine all their requirements before Buy and find out all the costs for saving, see how shopping affects shoppers 'buying behavior, what is the positive and negative impact on retail and corporate revenue, and meet customers' needs and respond to their demands. Where predicts research (Husson et al., 2014), Media companies and retailers will receive more than 50% of the Internet traffic of mobile devices.

Before the spread of smartphones and mobile devices, most of the customers were shopping from local stores, but at present, online shopping has become the most effective way to gain time and effort. You can shop within 24 hours while shopping from regular stores may be in need of fuel and difficult to obtain products. Prices may be high and still, There is a category of shoppers who prefer to shop online and prefer shopping from regular stores.

The most common category among Internet users is young people, especially students who use the Internet through mobile devices, smartphones to shop online, search for educational programs, search for information, visit social networking sites, watch the news, and so on. There are many factors that have a significant impact on online purchasing behavior among college students. The most important factors are age, income, nature of work and educational level. These factors affect student behavior, tastes, purchasing decisions, and material level.

As Pozzi (2012) showed that buyers explore new brands more often in-store than online shopping, and while it often considered that Internet shopping imposes lower search costs, it does not enable shoppers to check the quality of the merchandises.

In the study that is prepared in India through P. UshaVaidehi (2014), it was shown that male students are more interested in buying goods online when compared to female students. This study shows that the Factors such as purchasing online saves time, availability of the product for less price, promotions that E- Retailers are providing, ease in pay are the motivating drives to encourage students to purchase more through e-marketing. However both male & female respondents favored to buy goods online and they were more involved to buy apparels, automatic goods, and books through online shopping.

Kim (2010) furnished proof that privacy, security, trust, convenience, enjoyment of online shopping, business enterprise reputation, and tactility are the elements that have an effect on the intention to purchase online. at the same time referred to as these variables as client factors. However, marketing factors (product, promotion, price, delivery methods, return policy, patron service) and technology elements (personal computer and Internet access, download time, representativeness of pictures and hues of the website) do not have an impact on buy intention. The find out about did now not indicate the products under-investigated.

Ling, Chai, and Piew (2010) confirmed that shopping intention of undergraduate university students in Malaysia was affected over using impulse purchase intention, high-quality orientation, company orientation (knowledge about the brand), and online trust. While, another research for Delafrooz, Paim, and Khatibi (2011), also carried out in Malaysia, had the same nature of respondents (i.e., students). They discovered out that convenience, price, patron service, trust, confidence, and a wider resolution of merchandise are substantial predictors of buying intention.

The study of Akar and Nasir (2015) confirmed that after reviewing 100 posted articles on factors that impact online buy intentions, 17 articles mentioned that trust had a positive have an impact on buys intentions. On the other way, the researchers exposed that 15 articles are in agreement that perceived uncertainty has a negative have an impact on buy intention.

In Addition, Jadhav and Khanna (2016) conducted a qualitative study to explore the factors that lead to the online buying behavior of 25 college students. Content analysis on the in-depth interview showed that availability of merchandises, economical price, promotions, comparison, convenience, certainty, time awareness, attitude toward online purchasing, availability of client service, perceived ease of use the website, and variety seeking emerged as factors that influence an online shopping. The researchers reported that students purchase different products such as tickets, electronic goods and accessories, clothes, magazines, footwear, cellphone chargers, and gift items.

Last, Some studies also refer that technology factors influence online buying intentions, and are intended to capture the concept of touch. According to Rudolph, Rosenbloom, and Wagner (2004), the lack of ability to touch the product in one of the obstacles that can hamper online buying. Also, Jacobs and De Klerk (2010) pointed that one of the obstacles facing the buying of textiles is that specific groups of women—South African— favor seeing, touch the textiles before choosing to buy online. This is illustrated through the fact that shoppers feel uncertain with the products that they do not see, touch, or feel.

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