What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is for mainly for promoting a product/brand and creating awareness online through all digital channels that are available in the market. Digital Marketing is now the term for all the online efforts. The truth is, people started spending twice as much as their time online compared to twelve years ago. This means everything is now changed the way people shop, buy and sell. So, this means the companies/brands need to meet the customers as they are spending a lot of time online on the internet. In the modern world and internet of things, digital marketing has very much significance in all types of industries whether it is small or large-scale industries. Now a day’s organizations marketing budget is sent well on the from company website all the way to digital marketing

Following are different ways of digital marketing

Marketing via Internet:

Internet marketing includes all the different modes of marketing that uses internet for example email marketing, mobile and smart phones that include apple store and google play, mobile apps, web search marketing that include click advertising and Social Media (Alexander, L., n.d.).

Marketing via non-internet channels:

Non-internet channels include Radio, outdoor and indoor billboards, Television, texting and messaging.

While these are the most effective ways of digital marketing, some are generally not accepted. Let’s focus on most common ways of digital marketing below:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

It is a type of Search Marketing category of digital marketing. It is technical set up and process of heightening the content or the website to emerge as top results of web search based on the keys entered (Alexander, L., n.d.). This is a way of attracting web visitors when they search things related to your product or business. This is one of the most best practices of digital marketing as 67% of the web visitors click on the first five results of the list.

PPC (Pay Per Click):

Paid Search signifies to the sponsored result that are to the side or top of the web results (M., 2016). You will only pay only if the ad is clicked by the web visitor. These ads are also based on the keyword search by the web visitor (Alexander, L., n.d.).

Content Marketing:

It is a type of Internet Marketing’s. This is the key pillar of Search Engine Optimization. It is very tough to create content that clever and not look like promotional type (M., 2016). Other challenging task is to offer content that is appropriate to the audience and their web search (Alexander, L., n.d.).

Email Marketing:

It is also a type of Internet Marketing. Emails has been there from almost twenty years and will be in the market for long duration. It is one of the quick ways of reaching the customers with important information (M., 2016). As many people check the email more often, this has become one of the best marketing strategies. It is also one of the best ways to reach large number of customers with the same content. Some of the essential attributes emails should quench are Related, Trustworthy, Calculated, Conversational and be managed across different channels (Alexander, L., n.d.).

Mobile marketing:

Mobile has become essential part of everyone’s life. Mobiles are checked frequently all day, kept in our pocket and so mobile marketing has become amazingly important (M., 2016). There are many ways to market through the mobile like Apps, MMS and SMS. So, it is very important to pick a right mode for your business. For most of the business marketing it will be mix of marketing strategies and one of them will definitely be mobile (Alexander, L., n.d.).

Social Media:

Over the last couple of years, social media has become the Buzz in the internet marketing world. There are two ways of social media marketing. One way is free where the organization have to build followers and connections by the content. This is mainly with engaging with the users. Second way is with the help of paid advertising. This is with the help of Google, Twitter or Facebook (Alexander, L., n.d.).

Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook transformed the way we relate, socialize and shop. Facebook is used by almost 47% of internet users. People just don’t post pictures or watch videos on social media, but many people also rely on social media to do some research, find and train themselves about the product before they work with the company or brand. So, for the organization it is not just enough to just post ads on social media like Facebook or Twitter (Alexander, L., n.d.). Organization should also include social elements in every aspect of marketing so that it attracts different audience and provide more opportunities. The sharing of your content by different people also depend on the content the organization post on social media. This also make audience friends to become your customers as well.

Some of the statistics as of Sep 2017 that show the importance of social media are:

• New Twitter users per day are 135K.

• Monthly active users of Twitter are 288M.

• Active users of Facebook are more than 500M.

• 74% of marketers rely on Facebook for lead strategies of the organization and invest 23% of the budget in social media marketing.

• 56% Americans have social media accounts (What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media, n.d.).

Below are some of the advantages of social media marketing as it is one of the main digital marketing strategies

Social Media is a trend now:

It is a trend you need to follow if you want to stay close to the customers. It also helps to be in synchronize with the advancements in the market.

Fastest way to spread or advertise: You just have to post or share on Facebook and it reaches millions of users around the world. Compared to TV and radio, Facebook and Twitter are the fastest way to spread or to do an announcement (What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media, n.d.).

Best way to interact with customers:

With the social media, customers can show if they like the product by liking or providing comments, reviews for the product. It also helps analyze the type of audience for a product. The whole statistics help for making the product and service better (What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media, n.d.).

Marketing Automation:

It is the automation software with the aim of automating the marketing process. Many organizations which have recurring tasks of sending emails or activities. So, this automation process helps the marketing team to save time and at the same time continuously contact the customers (What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media, n.d.).

Below are some of the advantages of digital marketing

Analytics and Valuable Date:

In the real time, digital marketing helps the brand marketers to look at the accurate results. Let’s say you put an ad in the newspaper, it is very difficult or even impossible to know the number of users who viewed that page or ad and so it is not possible to estimate sales based on the newspaper ad. But with the help of digital marketing it is easy to calculate the number of viewer and also calculate return on investment. This help organization to improve the business and the expectations of the customers (13 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing You Must Know, 2017). With the help of google analytics, you can easily track the website or ads and let you know some of the information like:

• Number of customers who viewed the business location.

• Location, Interest of the user who visited the page and Age.

• Users and the gadgets the visitors use.

• Time the users spent on a particular page or product.

• Traffic of the users and the time of traffic. Also, traffic changes over the time.

This analytics information helps business or marketing people to decide the marketing channels (13 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing You Must Know, 2017).

Cost Effective:

Digital marketing helps to save money compare to the traditional marketing where there is no track if the product has even reached the audience. Digital Marketing is also replacement of costly advertising through TV and radio (13 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing You Must Know, 2017).

Increase in Revenue:

It also increases the revenue as it is the fastest way of reaching large number of customers. While advertising you also make sure of having a good template and layout for the users ease of use and navigation, also understand customer interest and purchase repetitions (13 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing You Must Know, 2017).

Higher Return of Investment:

The faster you reach the large number of customers the more you get your returns on your investment. With the help of digital marketing you are now able to reach all kinds of customers in all the possible ways and so are the returns or profits for the investment made. Digital marketing helps all levels of business to make profits in short time (13 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing You Must Know, 2017).

Compete with Large organizations:

As the digital marketing is less expensive compared to traditional marketing, even the startup and small level organizations compete and equally market their products compared to large brands. As some of the digital marketing strategies are free and some are affordable to small vendors, this helped all levels of business to go public and promote the brand.

Some of the other advantages of digital marketing are real time results, knowing the competitors, improving the outreach, globalization and online business (13 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing You Must Know, 2017).

Some of the Challenges faced by marketers for Digital Marketing

Yes, digital market is very important in the modern era of internet of things, but there are also some of the challenges faced by digital marketers for the success of the brand. Just marketing the brand is now enough but marketing the right content and attracting large number of customers is important (10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2018, 2018).

Rising Competition:

As Digital Marketing has become reasonably cheap compare to traditional marketing, it is now within the reach of all business sizes. As a result of competition from all levels of brands and organizations it is very difficult to get customers attention (What is digital marketing, n.d.).

Creation of digital channels:

There are different types of customers and the customers use different types if digital gadgets on day to day basis. So, it is important to calculate and create a digital channel. Each channel has different software, different protocol and interface (10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2018, 2018). For example: many companies have different sites designed for computer and mobile phones and also have different templates and layout for large screen laptops and mobile phones. So, the digital strategies must be calculated and designed for all types of channels aiming all types of customers.

Blast Data Volumes:

Consumers leave tons of data in digital channels. So, it is extremely hard to handle that data also to find right data. It is hard to find the correct data to make right decisions (What is digital marketing, n.d.).

Strategies can be followed by different companies depending on the type of business. One of the approach recommended by Smart Insights for improving digital strategy is Opportunity, Strategy and Opportunity (10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2018, 2018).

Digital marketing works for any type of business. Irrespective of what the company sells, it builds a lot of buyers through digital marketing. The digital marketing strategy implementation might not be same for all businesses (10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2018, 2018).

Some of the best examples of digital marketing that are now available are by the following companies:


Zappos is a shoe e-commerce company, it sets high level principles customer care online. The CEO also wrote a book about the digital strategies followed by the company. They promoted best content of having 365days money garmented and free shipping/exchange. This strategy mainly focused on what the customer wants and how to attract them. They also heavily invest on campaigns and social media.

American Express:

A lot of companies talk about the communities but only a few would actually follow them. American express has a collaborative website where it welcomes guest authors from different sectors to post their business knowledge. This thus became a rich content website and famous with search engine. This shows the great idea of including the leaders to add article on the community blog.


Airbnb transformed the way we travel and check for the accommodation. It a great idea when the founder couldn’t pay the rent but now the great idea is worth $31 billion and has 150 million users. Their marketing strategy included videos on social media like Facebook and user-based images. It also includes travel experience if users throughout the world which basically a travel forum as well. Airbnb is superstar when it comes to social media marketing, in 2015 with the Instagram the company received thirteen million interactions and followers increased by 341%.

Other Examples

Other companies that did best in digital marketing and attracted lot of customers are Dollar Shave Club with its commercial and providing awareness in people of basic need of shaving, Lyft, the Mint, JetBlue, Slack, MasterCard, Dominos, Yelp and so on. Each company have they’re on strategies of digital marketing to attract different types of audience (10 Companies with the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns, 2018).

Some of the Key factors for the successful digital marketing

• Improve dynamic interactions for the customers and respond to them as soon as possible.

• Make the best decisions fast from the available huge data.

• Maintain customer relationships throughout different channels both traditional and digital (What is digital marketing, n.d.).

Digital marketing is all about using the digital technology to reach marketing goals. In the modern era and internet of things it is most important as most of the users are already online. Digital strategies also remain useful as the digital marketing requires special skillset to use the technology very effectively (10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2018, 2018).


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