Digital Marketing of Hiraya Marketing Agency

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This feasibility study entitled “Hiraya Marketing Agency” has been prepared and submitted by Jolina A. Reyes in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master in Business Administration, has been examined and is recommended for Final Oral Examination on June 5, 2020.


  • The completion of this feasibility study was made possible through the encouragement and assistance of some persons who gave their time and solicited advice to this study to:
  • Dr. Genoveva Y. Reyes, my adviser, for her patience, guidance, encouragement and for sharing her expertise in writing this feasibility study;
  • Dr. Joy Gamboa and Dr. Marietta B. Sorio, members of panel of evaluators, for their suggestions and recommendation for the improvement of this study;
  • Dr. Pedro Sison, the Dean of the Institute of Graduate and Professional Studies and the Chairman of the panel of evaluators, for her extraordinary effort to further improve this study;
  • my parents, for their unconditional understanding and for sharing their wisdom that inspire me to push beyond my limit and as well as the financial and moral support;
  • my friends and colleagues, that spend their time and consumed a lot of effort to help me make this feasibility study a success;

Above all, I give my sincerest gratitude to my Lord Jesus Christ, for His abundant graces and blessings showered onto me.



This feasibility study is wholeheartedly dedicated to my beloved parents, Enrique Reyes and Teodora Reyes who serves as my inspiration and support system in the completion of this study;

  • to my siblings, Joana Marie Reyes and Samuel Reyes; who gave me support, morally and physically supported me to successfully complete this venture;
  • to my loving partner, John Moises Espique; who has also lent a hand and support throughout my journey;
  • to Dr. Genoveva Reyes, my mentor and adviser for the trust and guidance that she gave that helps me in achieving my dreams;
  • and lastly, my almighty God, the source of my strength and hope, and the one who graciously gave me wisdom in the completion of my feasibility study.

Thank you all!


The primary purpose of this paper is to express an in-depth and comprehensive feasibility study for a marketing agency in Malasiqui, Pangasinan which specialized in full service digital marketing. The business will be delivering digital marketing solutions that work in order to meet the clients marketing goals and create exemplary results that will help increase business online growth. The chosen research method for this feasibility study a mixed method: qualitative as the research topic needs further understanding and consideration, and quantitative as numerical data are included in the feasibility analysis.

The feasibility study contains six categories: the problem, market feasibility study, technical feasibility study, financial feasibility and social economic feasibility study. It is concluded that the comprehensive project backed by all sections of a full feasibility study supports the integration of Hiraya Marketing Agency. The finding shows that there is a positive return of investment of 62% for the year 1, increasing return on equity and the payback period is just about 1.5 years. The recommendation is to invest in this proposal, since all of the analysis techniques suggest will be successful.

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