Aim of Digital Communication Plan: “The Agency in Sydney”


The Agency is a digital real-estate agency that provides real-estate solutions to both property owners and property buyers. It provides an online platform where buyers can view and make inquiries about the property with the ultimate goal being a sale. Their digital communication is effective because it is clear, well-outlined and concise.

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The content that the client might need to make a decision regarding the property is included on the website. In digital marketing, communication is an important tool because it is what links the buyer to the seller (Bhatt, 2017). It is therefore crucial to ensure to put the communication in a manner that can easily be deciphered by the buyer; The Agency has managed to achieve this through their website.

The Aim of the Digital Communication

The Agency’s digital platform aims to attract two types of people; the property buyer and the property seller. Their effective digital communication is ultimately what attracts more property sellers to advertise their property with The Agency. Digital communication connects potential buyers to the property that meets their needs and therefore makes the customer’s decision making the process easier.

Digital communication has worked to The Agency’s advantage by; (1) Adding value to the services they provide; The Agency is essentially a real-estate brokerage and management firm, however, the digital platform adds value to this service by making it easier for clients and customers to find each other. (2) Creating resources to both the property buyer and property seller where they can either advertise their product or locate the product they need. (3) Digital communication has helped to establish the firm as an authority within the real-estate industry.


Bhatt, S 2017, How Digital Communication Technology Shapes Markets : Redefining Competition, Building Cooperation, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan

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