Help Center for Teenagers Thinking about Suicide

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A couple of organizations in Rhode Island have built a place where people have a place to make voices heard when they have been endangered to domestic/sexual abuse. The RICADV and Day One are working to solve domestic/sexual abuse by reaching out to schools and the media. The RICADV has made a campaign called NO MORE, to spread awareness, and Day One tries to get into communities to educate adolescents, along with adults as well. The organization is NO MORE RI. They raise awareness about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Abuse. They plan days when they can show up and talk about everything they want to teach the students. This organization goes to schools to express their work. They want to raise awareness to get people to stop and change people's perspectives on (DA),(SA), and abuse. They make connections, communicate with the outside world and even on the media.

One way they do this is through awareness campaigns. These are the messages that they put out to the world to get people to notice the problem when you see it. They even have some of the survivors and well-known people. These campaigns are on buses, billboards, and the media. They try to switch it up every year but also to catch people's attention. They try to come up with new campaign ideas and make sure they are on top of getting awareness.

The other organization is in Providence, Rhode Island called Day One . They try to reduce sexual abuse and advocate for those affected by it. Day One has made an impact on high school students for coming in and educating on how to be safe. They are bringing awareness to young students to prevent any kind of abuse in the future, or how to be an upstander in a situation. Day One is an organization that the people in Rhode Island feel like they have a place to go to.

This organization has made up a bunch of ways to solve the issue or at least bring down the abuse rate. They have a variety of options on what you could to get help like, a 24 hour helpline/ legal advocacy, Law enforcement advocacy programs, individual/group counseling, professional training sessions, and prevention education workshops. This program has made a system so they can have a way to help people that are actually in these predicaments.All over the U.S. they have found that abuse in teens is about 10 percent and still rising, which has many negative effects. Groups are trying to identify abuse to help schools learn about this issue earlier because from A Rise in Efforts to Spot Abuse in youth dating by Elizabeth Olson said “Dating abuse victims, the center found, are more likely to engage in binge drinking, suicide attempts, physical fights and sexual activity. And the rates of drug, alcohol and tobacco use are more than twice as high in abused girls as in other girls the same age.” This shows how negatively this is affecting adolescents and how it is a problem for their future. This example of how young people are turning mentally unhealthy by the outcome of the abuse at such a young age making these bad Decisions.

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