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Time traveling. What is time traveling? It is, indeed, as simple and basic as it sounds; it is the concept of moving through different points in time throughout space. To put time travel on such a high pedestal of success, some might say that this sounds like a great power to possess aside from the ethical boundaries. But does one truly understand the full concept of what time traveling as a whole? It’s the future vision, we as society, that has yet to come around. From the start of time, and well science, time traveling has been portrayed throughout countless books, movies and even some other action forms.

Not just for entertainment, but as a transcending feature to alter the outcome of a past event(s) and even mistakes that may have occurred. Herbert George Wells, a prolific English writer, lived from the years 1866 to 1946. Wells was especially known for writing his best selling science fiction novel The Time Machine (1895). To credit the truth, or what is known to be the truth, you must credit the source. Wells was credited in the popularization in what we know as the concept of time travel. To sum up the book, The Time Machine (H.G. Wells), it revolves around an English Scientist who had, successfully, made a time machine. With this machine, the English Scientist was able to go to the future of 802,701 AD and happened to meet these humanoid like creatures known as Eloi. Now that we are aware of what time traveling is and where the concept came from.

We have to understand how time traveling is believed to work. To travel through time, you would need to go to an area in space in which time travels either much slower than back in the atmosphere or much faster. It’s almost as if we needed some sort of concept; Gravitational Time Dilation, also known as GTD. GTD is a sort of time dilation, obviously, stating the higher the gravitational potential is the slower the time runs. This means the faster you move the more you are capable of making time run slow. The concept of Gravitational Time Dilation is what will be the way to find the areas in which time runs slower or faster.

When using this concept, when you eventually make your way back into Earth you have either landed in the past time or future days. While the advantages of time traveling would be the ability to go back into time or take a peek into the future. Only one would make more sense than the other. Due to the GTD, time traveling into the future would make the most of sense rather than traveling into the past. Reason being, during GTD time will go faster in space. Many scientists find is unreasonable to attempt to travel back to the past. According to Einstein and his theory of Relativity, Einstein states that time only travels forwards and not backwards.

No matter how fast you go or are going, you’re always traveling at the same current speed relative to light. In other words, time slows down for you. Einstein’s theory of the general relativity explains that the gravity between masses result from the warping of space and time. In other words, this means that time flies in different speeds in regions that have different gravitational potential. Einstein concluded in his theory that the only thing that remains the same is the speed of light; this is for all of the universe. There are important factors that we need to remember. Light always moves at the same speed;time slows down.

Things don’t happen at the same time. This is because time becomes slower. What one person may consider to be time another person can consider to be distance; this is all in perspective of the person. Things do not fall, space does. This means that gravity really isn’t a force. Space falls towards Earth. Light needs to travel farther in order to reach you. An example of this could be when you are moving away from the light. The most important factor to remember is that light does not travel slower than you, light will always travel at the same speed as you, compared to you. To have a better understanding of what time traveling is we need to understand what actually is time.

The concept of time. Time is measure by how fast an object travels through space. This means, the faster than an object is able to travel through space the slower the object actually experiences time. Unfortunately, there is the capability to mess up how time is actually measured. Over time, the speed of the Earth traveling through space will gradually become slower. As satisfying as time traveling sounds. If it were truly possible to travel back in time to the past, this would cause more problems than we are capable of handling. There are many effects of time traveling. Examples being paradoxes, the butterfly effect even the possibility of starting WWIII. Straight to the point, a paradox is when something happens however it doesn’t happen at the same time. With this being said, if somehow traveling back in time was a possibility you are more likely to cause a paradox; this causes a problem with time traveling.

The butterfly effect is when some sort of insignificant even results in a larger outcome than it needed to be. This could be an example such as if someone wanted to go back and correct a mistake, that could have been minor, and it turn into a larger problem in a different state of mind. In reality, we already have a current form of time traveling. We have Astronauts. Astronauts need to travel extremely fast to escape the Earth’s gravity. With this being said, when astronauts travel out of the Earth’s atmosphere and into space they are actually traveling into the future. They are traveling by such a small portion of a second that it doesn’t seem to make such a difference at all. As of now astronauts may be our only living proof of the existence of time traveling we will ever be able to come across. Traveling into the future may seem like a plus, but like everything else there is an unfortunate side. The faster an object moves, the more it may weigh and may take up more energy in order to go faster. So even though astronauts and spaceships may seem like the key to it all. To make them, as a whole, travel as fast as light this would use more energy than the Earth is capable of providing. The theory of time traveling is pretty complex when broken down.

We consider the current time and day we are in as the standing present. If we were to travel into the future we would mistake the future for our present. If we were to travel into the past we would mistake what we knew as the present to be the past. None of it makes sense, meaning it is difficult to comprehend different portions of standing time. Without our past, we as people would not be who we are today; the same goes for the world.

Tragedies and experiences that we have to undergo press us forward to create a better future and build a better outcome. While there are situations that do cause a distraught in life, there are those who are thankful for the things that took place in the past. This is because it became a learning experience for them and for other situations that may come along the way.

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