Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity

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In Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity, he investigated and discovered how light’s speed was not dependent on its observer’ movement or motion. Einstein concluded that because space and time work as a solo continuum (based on the idea that inside a vacuum, regardless of an observer’s speed, light’s speed remains constant), physics’ fundamental properties would remain constant to any observer not in acceleration themselves. Multiple things that happen at one instant for one onlooker may happen at a different instant for another onlooker. While studying his theories, Albert Einstein recognized how objects with a greater mass may cause a differentiation in the space-time continuum, as, for example, the gravity from the rocket’s mass’s pull carries rocks towards it in space. With his theory of general relativity, it was predicted that around and near Earth, the space-time continuum would be twisted by the rotation of the planet in addition to the distortion.

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“Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity”

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While space-time may be immeasurable to scientific devices, examples outside of the laboratory can be and have been observed that demonstrate qualities to support Einstein’s claims. For example, gravitational lensing displays that near an object of great mass, like a black hole, the light is angled, curved, or bent. This article was helpful in explaining not only Einstein’s theory of relativity, but also the relationship between space and time as knitted together in a single continuum. One example of this was in how they illustrated an analogy of how a person’s body sitting in the middle of a trampoline would cause the trampoline surface to divot there, and thus how a marble at the outskirts of the surface would roll and circle in towards the center and the person’s mass causing the divot. I thought examples like this and the overall explanations were helpful in elaborating and clarifying these physics principles and their applications.

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