“The Time Machine”by H.G. Wells

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The Time Traveler

In the book "The Time Machine"by H.G. Wells, Wells is saying that curiosity is controlling. In the book a group of scientists are talking about dimensions, and mainly the fourth dimension, time. As they continue to talk, the time traveller shows them a time machine model, and represents how it travels into time. He then invites them back for dinner, they arrive without his presence. He shows up later all beat up and dirty, and explains what happened. He then proceeds to explain what he found. Wells proves that curiosity is controlling by showing the Time Traveler's hard work in order to build models for the future. He also risks his life in order to find a new species and world. He even went to large circular walls that were sucking things to an abyss in order to find out what they were.

The Time Traveler strongly desired to see a new world, because of this he ended up risking his life and coming very close to death. In the book The Time Machine, it says '?So long as I travelled at high velocity through time, this scarcely mattered : I was, so to speak, attenuated - was slipping like vapour through the interstices of intervening substances !'" (Wells 35). This proves that he was risking his life, ner to death just for discovery alone. Had he not been fueled through curiosity, he would not have come near to making an action such as this.

The Time Traveler has a curious nature, thus, leading him into danger a multitude of times. In The Time Machine, it states '?But in all of them I heard a certain sound : a thud-thud-thud, like the beating of some big engine ; and I discovered, from the flaring of my matches, that a steady current of air sent down the shafts.'" (Wells 19). He proceeded to stride toward the shaft. Most would not near such an apparatus when large sounds and strong air currents are traveling through it. However, the Time Traveler does, in an attempt to discover its purpose. This betrays how curiosity can be quite controlling.

Because of the Time Traveler's curiosity, he puts himself through pain and hard work. '?It took two years to make,' retorted the Time Traveler." (Wells 9). He spent two years on a model, in which he used as a representation of what he planned to do. If he had not been curious as to the past and future, he would not have spent 2 years on a simple model.

The Time Traveler throws himself into danger a multitude of times, and all because of his curiosity. This book ratifies how curiosity can direct one's actions. He did however, discover a new world, and in this scenario, profit and gain from letting his curiosity lead him.

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Wells, H.G.. The Time Machine. Dover Publications INC., 1934.

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