“The Time Machine” Movie Review

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The Time Machine is able to capture all audiences, as a rare type of movie, its ability to entertain children with its magical narrative and adventurous timeline. Its philosophical storyline and deeper theme are able to enchant older audiences.

In adapting H.G. Wells' original novel the film uses the new perspective of the 20th century, which depicts the Time Traveler experiencing historic milestones that occurred after H.G. Wells wrote the novel. The movie strays from the narrative depiction of the differing social classes in Victorian England which led to the two species of Elois and Morlocks, instead revealing that a nuclear holocaust has created the dystopian future the Time Traveler discovers. This was shown in a very sequence, in which Weena shows the time Traveler a collection of talking rings which an account of mankind's destruction.

The original characters from the book sta mostly the same in the film although some key elements of the characters seemed to be changed to better fit the silver screen. The original narrative does not include the name of the Time Traveler so the makers of the film name him George, after the author of the narrative. Much like the book, The Time Traveler starts out as a young ambitious and idealistic inventor. Then he finds himself traveling through time, dealing with a life's worth of sorrow in just a few hours. Unlike in the book he becomes enraged and depressed at the state of mankind's fate and loss of intellect, something he has devoted his whole life to. One of the main changes of character come with Weena, in the books like the other Eloi she is portrayed as child looking, she doesn't speak English. But at the same time, Weena has her own personality. She has retained certain feelings that the other Eloi seem to have lost, such as gratitude. Her bond with the Time Traveler in the novel is more of an affectionate, paternal one, however in the film she is portrayed as a young woman who becomes the love interest of George. This change can be partly due to a romantic plot line being more of attraction to audiences. Throughout the film and the novel the Eloi and Morlocks remain true to there core characteristics. Along with the Eloi and Morlocks, the dinner guests stay true to their characters beside name changes to make the movie more realistics.

The Time Machine is able to capture the imagery and setting of H.G. Wells' original novels, with few changes that contribute to the success of the movie adaptation. The book and movie are set in Victorian England. There are small changes, however they don't alter the storyline drastically. For example, during the Time Traveler's expedition into the future he experiences major time events that are not describe in the book, due to these major events happening after the publication of the novel. Eventually like in the book the time traveler reaches the dystopian future in the year 802,701. When the Time Traveler enters the future he describes the world as white space, blank Earth and barren however in the movie the landscape is a paradise. The habitat of the Morlocks is the same in the novel and movie, with them living underground in caves that are run by machines. There is the small change in the color of the sphinx in which the the morlocks, from white to grey, this doesn't contribute to the story line, it may have been changed to help it stand out.

The movie adaptation of The Time Machine is able capture the imagery and narrative of H.G. Well's original novel. The movie captures the essence of the character's and the contents of the original novel and with few changes, allows readers experience the greatness of Wells' writing into a visual form.

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