Novel “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells

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In 'The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells, the novel is about a person (the time traveller) telling a story to a group of guests about travelling into the future. They don't believe him so he goes back into the future to bring back proof and he ends up just going further into the future. Furthermore, the time traveller is the main character. This essay will explain and show how he is brave, kind, and extremely significant. In other words, my favorite character is the time traveller, he makes up the whole story/storyline, and he impacts all of the characters lives.

The time traveller was revealed a important figure in the beginning of the novel. The book started off describing the time traveller and saying how he matters. Evidence from the book is, 'The time traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us." He found out about the 4th dimension of time. The time traveller made a time machine, which no one else was able to do, or even thought of doing. To add on to that, it actually works because it sent him into the future. He changed the future and actually went there, where he met creatures. The time traveller wanted to learn about them and help make a bigger society, he even brought proof of going into the future (right before he left to the future again). This shows the time traveller is extremely significant. Although, it hurts him personally because no one believes him (that he went into the future, that his machine works/that his story actually happened). That being said, gets him into trouble by him going into the future again (to end up just going further into the future and never returning back).

Throughout the novel the time traveller changes, he becomes kind. When the time traveller was in the future he met little creatures. That were called, 'Eloi's" because they were from the surface. They introduced him to their language, food, and he learns about their behavior. Then after enjoying his time with the creatures he goes to get in his time machine, but it's gone. The time traveller begins to search for his time machine and in the process finds one of the 'Eloi" creatures drowning. He saves them and learns that her name is Weena. Evidence from 'The Time Machine" is, '..none made the slightest attempt to rescue the weakly crying little thing which was drowning before their eyes. When I realised this, I hurriedly slipped off my clothes, and, wading in at a point lower down, I caught the poor mite and drew her safe to land. A little rubbing of the limbs soon brought her round, and I had the satisfaction of seeing she was all right before I left her." He went out of his way to save this creature, when nobody else would (the change helps the time traveller save a life). Also, when the time traveller was talking at his home with the group of guests, he spoke calmly, not yelling or getting upset in the process. This shows that the time traveller is sweet and kind.

At the end of the novel he becomes brave. This is at the time when Weena and the time traveller are in the world of the 'Morlocks", which are the underground creatures. He was taking Weena to safety and they decided to sleep in the woods. The time traveller woke up and was surrounded by Morlocks. He fought off the Morlocks and then followed them to where he found his time machine. From there he went further into the future. Evidence is, 'I was overpowered, and went down. I felt little teeth nipping at my neck..I struggled up, shaking the human rats from me, and, holding the bar short,..but I determined to make the Morlocks pay for their meat. I stood with my back to a tree, swinging the iron bar before me." The time traveller had the guts to fight them and then follow them. He didn't stop there though, he even went further into the future, without knowing what will happen or what to expect. Which helps him because it keeps him alive. This final change from the time traveller is for the better because he shows strength and fights for what he has left, which isn't very much. This proves he's brave and a fighter.

In conclusion, i have learned the time traveller is significant. This is because he built a time machine. Then went into the future, which makes him the first person to invent a time machine then go into the future. He is also kind, the time traveller saved a creatures life (he's a hero). But, best of all he's brave and fought for his life, even when he had nothing and no one left. The time traveller is the main character in this novel and my favorite character.

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