The Pro’s of Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling should be legalized. Racial profiling should be allowed because it can be very helpful when looking for bad guys. Also it can help keep the crime rates down, by keeping an eye on the ones that look strange. If racial Profiling is legalized then

Racial Profiling can help police with capturing criminals by knowing the statistics about normal car thieves, serial killers, and with other crimes. If you know this then you can narrow down the killer from say 1 million people to maybe 100 people. Race is not the only limiting factor that is being targeted religious groups is being labeled as well. Since 9-11 people associate terrorism with the Muslims or Arab's. Since we know this fact that they attacked us once everyone can assume that they will do it more than once. If you are Catholic you are more than likely to tell the truth all the time because that is part of your religion and you have to tell the truth all the time. So these people are not suspected of doing terrible things. Which according to statistics from Christopher Dickey's Kill Zone in 2012, 82 percent of the nation's gun owners are white most of them live outside metropolitan areas. 72 percent of gun-homicide victims are black or Hispanic, and live and die in the cities; many of the homicides are gang related. (Dickey)

After 9-11 the United States passed the Patriot Act, where if the government thinks that you are involved with some sort of interesting acts. Then the FBI would be allowed to use wiretapping and other methods to find out if you are actually a terrorist. Several people think that this is a violation of their privacy. If you are not doing anything wrong then what do we have to hide? We are not terrorists everyone should be checked on every once in a while. Why should the people worry about who is going to look at all our emails, phone calls, and where we spend our time? The only people who read all of this is the Federal Government what are they going to say? The police are in plain clothes trying to find the various criminals around the major cities, this should not worry us. (Dickey)

People need to think more about how to make race the critical factor about how to set statistics for the different crimes. If we didn't then how would we narrow down the criminals when we have 27% of blacks are arrested for violent crimes every year. (Gold, 398) People are killed every day of all races and religions.

In some geographical areas black males are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched for some sort of criminal activity on them there might not even be a reason to stop them.(pro and cons of racial profiling) Only just because they are there the police are going to stop them and question them. The one thing that we need to avoid though that if we legalize racial profiling is sending the wrong man to prison for a crime he didn't commit. No man deserves to be sent to prison just because he is black or white and was near the area when the crime was committed. There is no man that is willing to go to jail for life for what some other man did. There are men and women all over the world that are being wrongly committed for crimes that they didn't do. According to the Innocence Project there have been 9 people exonerated so far this year for crimes that they didn't do. The main reason for wrongful convictions is eyewitness misidentification. This means that people that look like the criminal go to jail for nothing. These men also have been in jail for years, sometimes with multiple life sentences.

There are men and woman that have to be questioned every time they go somewhere no matter what way they travel. Especially if they are Muslim and are traveling by plane they will get searched more thoroughly than white men and women. If a person looks like someone from the Middle East then American's become scared of them. The kids who were 6 or 7 when 9-11 happened hear about all the things that happened right after 9-11 and also the situations that have happed through the rest of history are scared of them. They don't want to trust them in any way possible.

In the summer of 2001, a Phoenix FBI agent named Kenneth Williams urged his superiors to investigate several militant Muslim men. FBI agent Kenneth Williams suspected the men of training in the U.S. flight schools a part of al-Qaeda missions. (Malkin) The director of the FBI Robert Mueller said that they denied the request because it could have been viewed as racial discrimination. If agent Williams memo pad had been inspected then looked through they would have found information about the suspected terrorist Zacarias Moussaui's laptop the warrant might have been granted. If the FBI had taken William's advice the twin towers might still be standing and 3,000 innocent people might be alive today. (Malkin)

If we had done more to help prevent the catastrophe then we would have never been involved with the war on terrorism. We wouldn't be involved in Syria, Egypt and any others that we have been involved in recently. Also Osama Bin Laden would not have been killed; we also wouldn't have been in Iraq for 12 years.

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